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  • Ruling on Bank Accounts and Credit Cards in Western Countries

    As salamu alaikum ustad,In the western country I live and study there have been some changes in the banks because of the inflation and they started giving interest (riba) to people who put their money on the bank. So I would like to know what's the ruling on putting the money in the bank if there is not a bank that doesn't give interest. As a student.. More

  • Ruling on depositing money in a bank account that is involved in Riba

    Alsalam Alaykum Am I sinful if my mother puts my money in a bank account that is involved in riba? When my father died he left money for me and my siblings for our university tuitions and my mom put this money in a joint bank account under her name that gives monthly interest. Should I use the money on the main account for University and give the interest.. More

  • Is doing an internship in a bank permissible?

    Assalamu Alaikum, it's a very urgent question: Is doing internship in a bank permissible? .. More

  • Ruling on taking a bank loan to avoid renting

    Assalaamualaikum,One of my relative is planning to buy a house and for which he is taking a bank loan. In order to save him from some part of interest I told him that I will be giving him some amount from my side for buying the house, this way the amount of bank loan that he will be taking will be reduced and hence the interest. Is this correct from.. More

  • Purchased a House Through a Conventional Loan with a Fixed Monthly Payment

    I purchased a house beginning of 2022 through a conventional loan with a fixed monthly payment for 15 years, I put 20% down payment and the bank 80%. If this is haram, can I pay the full amount left on it now and be done with it? Should I give sadaqah out for thinking that it was permissible? Or would this be considered breaking the fixed monthly installment.. More

  • Dealing with Riba-based Banks

    My brother works as a Valuer. Some interest based banks refer to him for valuation of some properties like land or a house. Based on his report of valuation of the said properties the banks decide on giving loans etc to their customers. For the valuation the banks pay certain amount as fees to him. Is this income Halal according to Sharia.. Or will.. More

  • Working in Riba-based Commercial Banks

    Assalam o AlaikumI have recently applied for a job in government owned bank in Pakistan where I am supposed to maintain accounts and other related responsibilities like trend analysis etc., My question is that whether pursuing such type of job is haram or not because I am not directly involved in riba based transaction. However I might be involved in.. More

  • What to Do with a Big Amount of Interest

    Assalamu alaikum,I have a bank account with some fixed deposit and i am getting regular intrest for this deposit for a long period i am not using this intrest because intrest is haram for a muslim and this intrest amount lying as a big amount in bank can i use this for my poor muslim brothers and sisters for their education and business purpose without.. More

  • She Cooperated with Her Husband in Buying a House with Riba

    Assalamu alaykum. InshaAllah your in good health. Me and my husband just brought a house but we had to borrow half of the money from a normal bank which charges interest. The house and the loan are under both of our names because that's the way it had to be and that's how my husband wanted it to. I know it is haram to take out a loan from banks that.. More

  • Working in A Usurious Bank Is Absolutely Prohibited

    How can it be that working in a non Islamic bank is prohibited even when one’s job is in no way at all whatsoever involved in riba or help in committing riba? Like giving or taking cash, currency exchange, etc. Only the loans and the interest gained on savings is haraam. .. More

  • The Spread of Riba Is a Sign of the Hour

    Assalam aalekum sheikh I see that many people buy house on loan and they ask others to do .sheikh it is sign of end times .they buy house on loan and feel that they have achieved very great to prevent our self with the love of this world and prevent our thing from such things .. More

  • Salary Deposited In An Account With Interest

    I work for a NGO and my basic salary is 7447 birr ( Ethiopian birr). 50% of that money is further deposited into an account on my behalf ( provident fund, as they call it) with a small but poisonous interest (35 birr for every 1000 birr). How should I deal with that kind of money? Thank you. .. More

  • Designing AC Systems for Central Banks

    Alsalam alykomi am a mechanical engineer working as a designer of air conditioning systems for any type of building .My question is : is it haram to design the air conditioning system for a central bank? .. More

  • Working in Investment Banking

    is working in investment banking is halal their work is related to merger and acquisition, manage client portfolio, act as a intermediate between compony and commercial bank (they advice bank to issue Loan to compony or not they also help compony in issue a share .. More

  • Taking an Interest-based Loan to Study

    Assalamu Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu,I live in Canada and I am currently a student at one of the universities in this country. My goal is to become a social studies teacher because there is a great need for Muslim teachers even within secular subjects. However, the issue is that I have fallen into the trap that so many students have fallen into.. More