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  • Bank Loan to Buy House in Lebanon

    Am I able to request a loan from a bank for buying a house in a country like Lebanon? .. More

  • Interest from Banks

    Is taking interest from banks haram or halal? .. More

  • Orphans' Family with Financial Problems Want to Put Money in Riba Account

    Asalam Alikum. Thanks God for finding a precious and helpful guide for Islamic people, I am confused and I do not know what to do concerning my problem. I am an orphan since I was three years old, my father has been kidnapped in the Lebanese war in 1982 and we have never heard from him since and we think he is dead, he left a family of three members.. More

  • Borrowing From Bank to Buy a House

    I am a married man with two kids. I have a decent job but I cannot save enough to build a house for my family. Here in Tunis we don't have Islamic banks, so all banks that give credit for building house charge an interest rate. Does our religion give permission in such a situation to get credit from the bank? I have to note that I called the ex-Mufti.. More

  • Taking interest bearing loan to buy house

    First I would like to say that I have no intention to buy a house, but many people say that taking a loan from banks and paying interest for buying a house in occidental countries when the house is not for commercial purpose is allowed. Can you please clarify this for me? wa jazaqumu ALLAHU khairan WASSALAMU ALAIKUM .. More

  • Bank account, bank prizes and gifts

    I have three small questions. Q1: If you have a bank account and you hear that you have won a big prize from the bank, is this money Halal or Haraam? If this is Haraam, what is the Ayat or Hadith that proves this? Q2: If this prize is Haraam, can it be used to help in any way (any kind of help)? Q3: If the Bank gives you something (watch, keyring, or.. More

  • Seeks bank's sponsorship of school project in lieu of interest

    Instead of accepting interest from bank on our account, we have asked bank to sponsor on a different project in the school. What is the ruling according to shariah?.. More

  • Had a Bank Loan

    1 year back I took a loan from a bank here to cover some urgent commitment at that time. Now as I still have 2 years to pay for the loan I regret the decision and read about Riba and how both the bank and I are equally mistaken. According to my reading, I know that the lender should give the extra amount of money paid for interest to Islamic affairs.. More

  • Exchanging inferior dates for superior dates

    There is this story about Bilal... He returned once with dates...and the Prophet asked him where he got the dates. Bilal said he exchanged 2 spoiled dates for one edible one. The prophet said that this was usury (riba)...How is this so? If it is usury, is a spoiled date equivalent in value to a non-spoiled one? Thank you.. More

  • Bank charges reduce money in saving account

    I have a deposit in a Bank in Canada. I put the money in a saving account without profit. I have no choice but to put this money in Bank in Canada. Each month the Bank deducts 3.00 from my account as a charge for this type of account since the bank can not make a lot of use with my money. But over time my money becomes less and less. Please advice.. More

  • Borrowing from a Bank

    I'm a Muslim and I've finished my studying and I'm looking for a job, but here in Morocco it's too difficult. so there is a possibility to get money from a bank with percent (riba) to have my own business, but as I know it's forbidden. I've asked other people and they told me that it's possible as I can't find work with a firm here in Morocco. So please.. More