423 fatwas

  • Exchanging inferior dates for superior dates Date: 7-8-1999

    There is this story about Bilal... He returned once with dates...and the Prophet asked him where he got the dates. Bilal said he exchanged 2 spoiled dates for one edible one. The prophet said that this was usury (riba)...How is this so? If it is usury, is a spoiled date equivalent in value to a non-spoiled one? Thank you.. More

  • Bank charges reduce money in saving account Date: 7-8-1999

    I have a deposit in a Bank in Canada. I put the money in a saving account without profit. I have no choice but to put this money in Bank in Canada. Each month the Bank deducts 3.00 from my account as a charge for this type of account since the bank can not make a lot of use with my money. But over time my money becomes less and less. Please advice.. More

  • Borrowing from a Bank Date: 4-8-1999

    I'm a Muslim and I've finished my studying and I'm looking for a job, but here in Morocco it's too difficult. so there is a possibility to get money from a bank with percent (riba) to have my own business, but as I know it's forbidden. I've asked other people and they told me that it's possible as I can't find work with a firm here in Morocco. So please.. More