175 fatwas

  • Women's Jewelry and Western Style Clothing Date: 19-5-2004

    Is it permissible for women to wear fake rings is silver-plated, etc. and are these items called the jewelry of hell? Is it allowed in Islam for women to wear western style clothing in the home and under the Abaaya? .. More

  • Price of silk ties Date: 24-4-2004

    I want to ask about the silk ties we have these days. Their labels say they are silk, but they are priced at a maximum of about 30 to 40 dollars, which is not the real price of silk... More

  • Getting married in a white wedding dress Date: 22-4-2004

    Insha Allah,Iwill begetting married soon.I want to wear a white dress. Is it allowed in Islam?.. More

  • Pictures on children's clothes Date: 22-4-2004

    My question, that I would like to be answered is, is it permissible to dress your baby/children with clothing which has pictures on them such as teddy bears and other animal characters in them. My husband saying that I’m being to extreme because I don’t want to dress my baby with clothes with animals on them. He believes that nothing.. More

  • Wearing a turban Date: 25-2-2004

    Explain wearing the turban on the head according to Sunnah and the practice of the companions of the Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam)... More

  • Hanging the garment below the ankle without arrogance Date: 1-11-2003

    I have a question about the "Isbaal" clothes above the ankle. I have heard that Sheikh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah and Sheikh Shawkani said: that there is no harm if you leave your clothes hangs below your ankle if you are doing that without arrogance (I don't know how you call it in English). Can you please tell me the source or witch book it is called?.. More

  • Beware of pleasing people at expense of Allah's Pleasure Date: 30-10-2003

    Let me first introduce myself, my name is Mohammed Tariq and I am from Hyderabad, India. I have recently graduated and Al-Hamdu Lillah, I am a doctor now and in the near future I am planning to move to U.K. Now my questions are: 1) Is it permissible to wear a lower garment that covers the ankle? 2) How long should a persons beard be? I have spoken to.. More

  • Preserving a nice look is pure Islam Date: 27-9-2003

    Is wearing very beautiful clothes a sin and making my hairs for example with gel and perfumes? (I wear beautiful clothes because I want to look nice and I want the people say about me: See Muslims are not strict, they can wear beautiful clothes and look nice and in the same time be religious)... More

  • Wearing yellow-coloured garments Date: 1-9-2003

    Is the yellow colour garment Haram for the Muslim women to wear?.. More

  • Women wearing pastel or bright colors Date: 5-7-2003

    Is it lawful or unlawful for a woman (sister) to wear pastel colors or any other bright colors? And why is it lawful or unlawful? Provide proof and evidence from Qur'an and Sunnah, or from some scholarly knowledge!.. More

  • Man wearing watch of mixed gold Date: 2-7-2003

    Is the man allowed to wear a watch mixed with a little gold (the frame of the watch is gold)?.. More

  • Wearing Jeans for a Woman Date: 15-4-2003

    Is it ok to wear jeans to school? .. More

  • Wearing a black cap Date: 2-4-2003

    Can we wear black cap? One Palestine friend told that black cap is a Jews symbol and style?.. More

  • The Correct Way of Wearing Shoes Date: 2-2-2003

    What is correct way of wearing shoes according sunnah. Is it compulsary to wear shoes in sitting position? .. More

  • Men Wearing Silver Chains or Bracelets Date: 3-12-2002

    I was advised by two Imams that wearing silver chains or bracelets is not lawful, but I couldn't find any information with regards to this anywhere, could you advise me if it is? They say that it represents something peculiar to women, so we shouldn't wear it; I don't feel this is right of them to say, without stating some proof. .. More