175 fatwas

  • Women wearing pants in winter in USA Date: 2-10-2001

    I live in USA the winter is very cold here, can I wear pants?.. More

  • Women Wearing Trousers or Pants Date: 21-8-2001

    Can women wear trousers or pants? .. More

  • Wants wife to wear sandals Date: 20-6-2001

    One of my sexual attractions happens to be feet (among other body parts). Therefore, I want to ask if it is permissible for my wife to wear sandals? Or is that Haram since sandals uncover parts of the feet? Is having a sexual attraction to feet Haram in any way (through a Qur'an or Hadith)? .. More

  • Proper head cover for men Date: 25-2-2001

    What kind of head covering does a Muslim have to wear? Must he cover all of his hair or only the front of his head? Is wearing a cap in daily life mandatory or Sunnah?.. More

  • Wearing a necktie Date: 5-2-2001

    I work in a company where I have to wear a necktie. I heard that wearing a tie is a sign of Christians? What should I do?.. More

  • Shoes of pig leather Date: 18-11-2000

    Is it allowed to buy shoes made of pig leather? .. More

  • Wearing Clothing with Nike Symbol Date: 16-9-2000

    Is it permissible to wear clothing bearing Nike symbol, as I learned recently that Nike got their name from the Greek goddess of Victory? .. More

  • Color of clothing Date: 3-9-2000

    I met a sister in Turkey, dressed in black. When I asked why black, she cited a Hadith. What is this Hadith? Do women need to dress in black? I read a Hadith that our Prophet preferred white. Can women dress in white? Can you explain the importance of color in dress? If color is related to being less attractive, it may be that in some countries.. More

  • Wearing shoes, shirts made of pig skin Date: 3-5-2000

    Can Muslims wear shoes or shirts made of pig skin?.. More

  • Wearing swimming shorts Date: 15-8-1999

    Q.1.Can we wear swimming shorts while swimming, as it does not cover the whole Sater?,.. More