175 fatwas

  • Wearing clothes below the ankle Date: 7-10-2002

    I live in South Africa. My question is about Islaamic rulings. In a mosque where we are used to pray an Imaam wears a cloth which cover his two ankles and one person decided to pray alone (not to follow Imaam) because there is a Hadeeth that says any one who covers his ankles will be in Jahannam. Is this correct? Is it Waajib for the whole.. More

  • Origin of the shirt Date: 12-9-2002

    Some people said that wearing of shirt is Kufr. What is the origin of the shirt? Is it true that it originated from the Kafirs?.. More

  • Buying and wearing female dress in Canada Date: 3-9-2002

    I am living in Canada. I wear the Hijab. My Question is that since I am living in Canada, I buy my clothes from the stores in Canada. I only buy clothes that do not show the body, like skirts and shirts that do not show or shape the body to wear outside. Is it ok to buy from their clothes or is this considered a following of non-Muslims?.. More

  • Men wearing shorts that show their thighs Date: 2-9-2002

    I live in the 'West Caribbean'. The Muslims here are assimilating to the local people's lifestyle including dress. We see men wearing short pants above the knees showing their thighs. Please issue a Fatwa with Sharia evidence refuting this practice, so that I may present it to the Muslims here. Thank you very much, may Allah bless you with all that.. More

  • Clothes for Swimming Date: 25-8-2002

    I would like to ask about the clothes allowed by Islam for swimming. We know that sport is Halal and long clothes cannot help while we are swimming and when it is very hot in the beach. .. More

  • Wearing pants, American and Jewish clothes Date: 3-8-2002

    Is wearing pants and American and Jewish clothes Halal or Haram? In Hadith it is said: "A man who behaves like another man will be standing with him on the day of Qiyammah" ... More

  • Wearing neckties of silk Date: 16-6-2002

    Is it ok to wear neckties that show a tag reading 100 percentage silk when most of the material is synthetic silk?.. More

  • Wearing a Muslim Hat Date: 4-6-2002

    Is it Sunnah to wear a Muslim hat? .. More

  • Children Dressing as Opposite Sex in a Play and as Animals Date: 2-6-2002

    The permissibility of children in a play: girls dressing as boys or vice versa, and dressing as animals and painting their faces. .. More

  • Wearing a black burka may generate sexual desire Date: 20-5-2002

    As we are aware that black bodies observe more heat? I wish to ask you that when women wear Burkha which is in black in colour generates heat in human body which intern creates sexual feeling in them, is this correct?.. More

  • Wearing a tie Date: 13-5-2002

    In Fatwa number 85622 a scholar has stated that it is permissible to wear the tie. However, I have read and heard that it is impermissible to use the tie because it symbolizes the cross, and in essence when a Muslim wears a tie he is imitating the non-believers... More

  • Pictures and garments with images Date: 8-4-2002

    What kind of pictures are Haram to hang up. Is it Haram for me to pray with pants that have pictures of cartoons on it. (Example: Winnie the pooh)? I pray with my pyjama that has pictures on it but I wear a prayer skirt over it. Is that all right?.. More

  • Men Wearing Gold Date: 10-3-2002

    I've had been asked by some friends whom just embraced Islam about wearing of gold by men. Please send me the Fatwa with proofs from Qur'an and Hadith about prohibiting men from wearing gold. .. More

  • Man's wearing a chain in neck Date: 4-3-2002

    Is it Haram for a man to wear a chain around his neck even if it's not gold?.. More

  • Book in Urdu on dressing during sex Date: 25-12-2001

    I have a question about dressing during sex. Are there any books in Urdu dealing with this subject?.. More