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  • Du'a for counting money or for hearing about the death of a non-Muslim Date: 11-7-2006

    I would like to if there is any dua to rectite when you (1) count your money and (2) you hear the news of a non-muslim (man or woman) has passed away ? Can you provide the arabic version in roman english as well as a translation in english ?.. More

  • Needs a supplication to remove other people's bad thought about her Date: 21-5-2006

    Salam Alaikum. A friend of mine is afraid that another person she knows is thinking in their mind that she is guilty of an act that she is not. She wants to know if there is any duaa or anything she can do or say that can make the other person change their minds about my friend. Jazak'allah Khaer... More

  • The best mention of Allaah Date: 5-1-2006

    I would be grateful if you could tell me what is the best Dhikr that keeps our mind occupied and our heart pure of satanic desires. And also please tell me the time at which Du'a are usually listened at and what's the best way to make a Du'a so that it can be fulfilled. .. More

  • Depressed about his height and looks Date: 1-12-2005

    I feel really happy and thank you for putting up such a nice website. May Allaah reward you for this Aameen. My problem is rather quite complicated but it needs to be overcome or the depression would kill me inside. Allaah has given me everything Al-Hamdulillaah. And I am a five time praying Muslim Mashaa' Allaah. As I am 26-years old now.. More

  • Making Du'aa for the Prophet after the call to prayer Date: 3-9-2005

    After the Iqaamah is said, I see some people recite the same Du'aa that is recited after the Athaan. Is it right? Please do reply. .. More

  • Explanation for a supplication Date: 14-7-2005

    We normally only say "Aouzubillaahi Minashshaitaanir-Rajeem." Is it Sunnah to say, "Aouzubillaahi Minashshaitaanir-Rajeem, Min Hamzihi, wa Nafasihi ..."? I hope my question is clear now. .. More

  • Du'aa for reducing extreme rainfall Date: 4-7-2005

    I just wanted to know the Du'aa when there is extreme rain which may cause flood. .. More

  • Du'a to get a baby boy Date: 10-4-2005

    Can you give me Du'a from the Sunnah to get baby boy? .. More

  • Du'a' to make good Muslim friends Date: 25-11-2004

    I have joined university now. Is there any Du'a' which I should read so that I can make Muslim friends here? Someone who will be really close and be a good friend of mine. .. More

  • Dua during pregnancy Date: 19-7-2004

    There have been many times I have asked help from you on various aspects. My question is regarding 'pregnancy'. I would like to know if there are certain supplications, prayers or any Tasbeeha woman should follow during the nine months. Are there any do's and don'ts in pregnancy? Your reply is much awaited... More

  • Request for Dua for help and money Date: 15-7-2004

    If a Muslim wants to ask money from Allaah for himself and his family (because they don't have money to live or having disastrous problems), what should he do to praise Allaah and ask Allaah for money? Please help and may Allaah reward you if you do. P.S: It's happening to my family and me (sort of, but we still have lots of problems)... More

  • Supplicating against our enemies Date: 7-7-2004

    Can we supplicate against our enemies and what supplications should we make?.. More

  • How to make one's business prosper Date: 4-7-2004

    I hope that you and your team are doing fine in dispensing your duties with the Grace of ALLAH.I am again bothering you for some inquiry, hope you wont mind it. QUESTION. I have a modest business and I want it to grow legally and in compliance with Shariah, so apart from working hard and good planning and management, what can I do, I mean if there.. More

  • Make Dua and be patient Date: 1-7-2004

    I have read your Dua Page and Alhamdulillah it was good but I'm requesting that you post a Dua on marriage. As I am a young Muslim who wants to get married but I can not find a good Arab Muslimah...So please could you send me or post a Dua on this topic and the second topic is that my parents for some reason are misguided by the world they put.. More

  • Dua to protect children Date: 1-7-2004

    My son is very active (mashaAllah) any Dua and any work to keep him in control. He is three years old, any Quranic Dua or Ayah you suggest to give me to read for him... More