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  • The name "Abdul Jaleel"

    I want to know if this name "Abdul Jaleel" is correct and acceptable in Islam?.. More

  • Naming son "Raheeb"

    I have named my son (Raheeb). Can you give my an advise about this name?.. More

  • Changing one's name

    I am a Muslim who came to US in 1984. During my 18 years of living here, I found it easier for me to use my middle name and shortened my last name to ease transactions. My full name was Zouhir Omar Abdul Baki, and after becoming a US citizen, I changed it to Zouhir Omar Baki. My children's last name is Baki as well. Is this sinful and against God's.. More

  • Abrar as a girl's name

    Isha Allah within these days I will receive a new baby girl, and we choose for her the name "Abrar" but some people informed me that this name may be not good because it may enter in the verse [53: 32]? Is the name "Abrar" is good or not?.. More

  • Naming son Ishaq

    I gave my newborn baby name "Ishaq". This name is the name of one of our Prophet Ibrahim's (Peace be upon him) sons. Is this acceptable?.. More

  • Naming child Kareem

    I have a question about Islamic names. My wife just had a baby boy and we named him Kareem. We were told by a couple of people that it is Haram and it should be Abdul Kareem. We were told that we can't name him just Kareem. We looked at various websites about Islamic names and found that both Kareem and Abdul Kareem were proper names for a child. Please.. More

  • Additions to name "Raihan"

    What is the prefix or suffix for the name "Raihan"?.. More

  • Giving the name Shahed

    My brothers name is Shahed, could you please give me the meaning and can we keep this name... More

  • Using a Jewish name

    I have two questions. 1. I have son and we keep his name "UZAIR". so somebody says that it is a jewish name but this name is in Qur'an. So can tell me it is okay? Give me a full detail please. 2. Is it okay to celebrate our kid's birthday?.. More

  • Layla As a Name for Muslim Girl

    I want to know the meaning of Muslim name "Laila,' and if it is a good name for a baby girl? thanks. .. More