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  • Naming a girl Parizaat

    Naming a girl with Parizaat is correct? I think Parizaat name in Persian language means woman who belongs to Pari or Hoor of Jannah very beautiful women. Dose Islam allows us to call her with this name? .. More

  • Named his daughter 'Na'ilah'

    I have my first daughter who is 7 months old. I kept her name Nailah as per my intuition or my liking towards that name inspite of opposition from my parents and my Wife. Initially my daughter brought me very good luck and fortune, Al-hamdulillaah. But of late things are not working with us properly. Sometimes when I think that I should change his.. More

  • Naming a boy "Thul-Kifl"

    Is "Thul-Kifl" a Muslim name for a boy? I looked at this name in mosque about 1 year ago and I don't remember if its a right name or not. Please answer this question as soon as possible. .. More

  • Giving good names is desirable

    1 Kindly provide me the meanings of these names suggested for the new born baby boy? Urgent request.1.Raheel Ahamed.2.Zishan Ahamed.3.Arfan Ahamed.4.Muvassir Ahamed.5.Zahaib Ahamed.Also if u can suggest of some from Allah's attributes.Allah Hafiz ! .. More

  • Suggested Names for a Muslim Child

    I need a list of Muslim names for a baby. Please send me some suggestions. .. More

  • Wants Muslim name for children

    Alhamdulillaah, by Allah's Grace I'm going to be a father very soon. Could you help me out with the name of the child? Although I don't know about the sex of the child. But presuming if its a girl I searched Muslim-names site and found a name called Naila'h. In one site it was mentioned it as the name of Hazrat 'Uthmaan, may Allaah be pleased.. More

  • Meaning of name 'Mishkar'

    I would like to find the meaning of my brother name called "Mishkar.".. More

  • Daughter's name

    My daughter name is HUSNA SAHER, is this good name and can I continue with this name? I will be grateful to you if you can know me as well as possible. May Allaah bless you and give you a reward for your work... More

  • Wants to name his son Muhammad Ibraaheem

    Allaah is blessing us with a baby boy. We plan to name him Muhammad Ibraaheem. We request your opinion on this name. We are bit afraid that, later, people may call him 'Hey Ibraaheem' or 'O Ibraaheem'; this may affect the dignity of Ibraaheem, may Allaah exalt his mention. Your opinion will be greatly appreciated. .. More

  • Naming a child 'Rabbaani'

    Is it permissible to name a new-born child with the name Rabbaani? Please send the answer in Arabic and in English. .. More

  • Daniel as a name for Muslim boys

    Was there a Prophet by the name of Daniel? Muslims are keeping this name for their sons. Is it a permissible Muslim name? .. More

  • Naming someone

    I know a Muslim who calls himself Jaleel. Is it ok for others to call him Jaleel or should the name be called with Abdul?.. More

  • Naming the child and 'Aqeeqah

    My wife gave birth to a female child whom I gave the name Salamah and did the Aqeeqah the following Monday after the Tuesday she gave birth. I was told that Salamah is not correct but Salmaa. But I am aware of Um Salamah the Prophet's wife. I also want to understand if there are names that are born by the both sexes in Islaam.. More

  • Naming her next child after one who died

    I'm a married woman and I lost my baby, I was 7 months pregnant and he died it was a boy. I gave him the name: Muhammad. But now I have another child can I call him Muhammad again or is it against the Islaam. He is buried here in Belgium, is that Haraam or Halaal? Please answer me as soon possible. .. More

  • Name Tasneem

    I'm a Muslim living in the United Kingdom and I would like to ask what the name Tasneem means. I chose it for my daughter from an Islaamic book and its also in the Qur'aan, I know the meaning for it is paradise fountain but people kept telling me it means alcohol so I would like to make sure of this. Please reply back as soon as possible... More