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  • Using “Abdul” as a family name

    AssalamuAlaikum, May name is Abdul Majid. When I was making my passport I willingly used Abdul as my last/Family name since I did not have a family name. All my brother's names starts with Abdul. I wanted to carry family name to next generation and therefore I would like to know if I can use Abdul as last/family name for my self and my children?.. More

  • Meaning of the name Taymiyyah

    what is the meaning of the name Taymiyah (refer to Shaikh Al Islam Ibn Taymiyah), Can I name my daughter this name (Taymiyah)... More

  • Giving child more than one name

    Salam,can you give your chid more than 1 muslm name please?.. More

  • Choosing name for child

    salam,its said that left a name of boy which u choose for your baby in surah mohammad u surly get a baby boy..i wrote a name ALI and took it in surah Mohammed for baby boy during my 7th month pregnancy. now i have a son but my husband and all like the name dayyan for him...plez help me and guide me that is it ok to change the name which is being i wrote.. More

  • He is hesitant to name his son Yahya

    Assalamalaikum By the blessings of Allah SWT I am going to be blessed with a second child in the form of baby boy and I want to keep his name as Mohammed Yahya. The reason I chose this name is I used to recite the dua of Zakariyya AS and as he was blessed with Yahya AS, so even I want to keep this name for my child. But someone has told my.. More

  • A child having his mother’s name as his middle name

    Alsalam Alaikom Sheikh, I am an arab muslim and recently got married to an american convert.we had a daughter and we are having trouble understanding what islam says about the middle in the US, a girl's middle name is always a female name and the surname is the fathers.In the middle east a girl's middle name is her father's name in addition.. More

  • Calling someone with a part of his compound name

    Assalamu alaikum, If a baby is named with two names e.g fathima asma or rahmath fara. is it permissible to call the baby with either one name or should we address the baby with both the names whenever we call them? pls enlighten me regarding this. Jazakallahu khairen .. More

  • Fatima Zarifah as a girl's name

    Assalamu alaikum brother, my officemate made me confused for giving name for the new born baby girl her name [Fatima Zarifah], my officemate told me that name is not acceptable then i asked him why, he told me ask for the schoolar (have knowledge in Islam)so please brother can ou give me idea/knowledge why not acceptable? Jazakallahu khair..... More

  • Naming a child Muhammad Al-Mustafa

    Is it lawful to name a child Muhammad Al-Mustafaa.. More

  • His name is Zartashia

    ASSALAM O ALAIKUM! My name is ZARTASHIA HUSSAIN.I am 30 years old.Recently i have come to know from one of the islamic websites that ZARTASHT was jamat of mushrikeen.As my name resembles a lot with the word ZARTASHT,though not exact the same but seems very close to it,so i am much worried about my present name.Is it crrect islamically or not?Should.. More

  • Her name is Risma

    asalaamualaikum Dear mufti dad had kept my name risma and on my birth certificate it is writen as richma people call me by both names , but i can not find a good meaning to my name does that mean my name is meaningless ,my worry is mufti saab is what name will Allah call me by on the day of judgement.i wanted to change it but it was kept by.. More

  • Wants to change his name ‘Waleed’

    Salaamu Alaykum Sheikh, My name is Waleed and I am very much concern with it's attributes and implications on my personality. The meaning of Waleed is said to be baby or child, due to this meaning I feel myself being a weak and frail hearted person though my age is over 18 years. Now I am very keen to change this name and replace it by keeping Muhsin.. More

  • Having the name ‘Rasool’

    1.One of my colleagues at work bears Rosul as name, is it allow to name one Rosul? 2. My fiancee once asked me if it is allow for one to get marry and avoid child birth till she is done with her studies using control measures in order not to interupt her educatiion .. More

  • His name was officially changed when he was young

    Assalam Alaikum,my father and my uncle got school for while i was in my final year in primary school,i was said to bear another person name i was very small their wish was my command so i went since then up to today i have being bearing that person name my real name is Lukman Abdulazeez while i am made to bear Yusuf Mohammed, all my document bear Yusuf.. More

  • Her mother-in-law objects to the name she intends to give her newborn child

    aslaamalaikum, dear brother/sister my question is that i am expecting a son by gods grace and i would like to name him after my fatherinlaw mohammed hussain, is this ok, and if my mother in law decides not to allow this for whatever reason should i listen to them, and what about the name mohammed ali humzah would this be a suitable name for a child?.. More