1413 fatwas

  • Removing impurities from utensils Date: 18-5-2000

    If a non-Muslim utilizes a Muslim's metallic utensil, such as a knife and a pan to cut and cook pork meat, then what methods should he use to "Pak" his metallic knife and pan? 1. Water, 2. Sand, 3. Heating metallic utensil in boiling water, 4. Heating metallic utensil, such as a knife or pan in an oven? For the four options stated above, please provide.. More

  • Shaving the beard for job interview Date: 10-4-2000

    Soon I'll go for a job interview. Here in Australia employers prefer interviewees to be clean shaven, ie., well presented. Beards have a negative impact as apparent by statistics shown here. I have a beard. Is it possible for me to shave it off for the interview then grow it back again?.. More

  • Her menses started while in the Mosque Date: 23-3-2000

    While i was in Makkah my period occurred while in the mosque and we were really far from the hotel so i was determined to pray all the prayers with my parents in the mosque for i couldn't go back or stay alone knowing that i am a 17 yrs old girl. The question is, what i have done is counted as a sin or as a neglect of my religion? .. More

  • Teaching newly converted husband how to perform Ghusl Date: 22-3-2000

    I am happily married to a Finnish man who embraced Islam. Upon conversion, he was given some books on how to pray and some recitations. As a married couple, we do get intimate. For myself, I know that after every intimacy I have to do the Ghusul of Janabha. But how should I tell my husband the recitations and interpret it in English to him. Please help! .. More

  • Purity of women Date: 27-2-2000

    I want to know everything concerning PURITY, [TAHARAT],specially about women in all cases. .. More

  • Fear of more urine coming before wudu Date: 12-2-2000

    When I go to the bathroom, I usually wait at least an hour before making "Wudu", fearing some urine would come out. Even if I waited 3 hours, I would feel something coming out. I don't know if this was "waswasah" or for real. I tried checking my underwear and my "penis-sorry for the language-" but I never found anything. Of course, I had to make "Wudu".. More

  • Washing after menstruation Date: 19-1-2000

    How to wash after menstruation?.. More

  • Female Circumcision Date: 12-1-2000

    What is Islamic ruling for female circumcision? I heard that some countries like Egypt already banned this ritual. In my home country it is still considered wajib for both male and female. And the authorised party explained that it was taken from Shafie school. Is it right? Here in Japan, a few Japanese Muslims ask me if they must go for a circumcision... More

  • Purification after wet dreams Date: 1-1-2000

    I want to know if someone has a wet dream can he pray the Salat-ul-Fajr without the taking Ghusl, or can he pray after just washing the effected area and changing to clean clothes? .. More

  • Had Sex with Wife in Her Confinement Period Date: 7-11-1999

    Please help me. My wife had a baby 3 weeks ago. She and I were playing together, and we had sex. I know in Islam that is not allowed until after 40 days. I have made a big mistake. Tell me what to do and how to repay Allah for my sin. .. More

  • Entering the toilet with reading material Date: 2-11-1999

    While noticing my friend entering the toilet with medical reading material, I wondered if it is legal to do that? Your kind fatwa is appreciated... More

  • Shaving part of the head Date: 25-10-1999

    In the hadith of Rasool Allah, s'Allahu alayhe wa salam, (Sahih Muslim) he stated that we should not shave part of the hair and leave the other part. (Sorry for the loose translation.) I have always trimmed my son's hair longer on the top and shorter on the sides. Does the hadith mean different levels or actually shave (no hair)? Please clarify.. More

  • No Impurity Between Two Dry Things Date: 22-10-1999

    What is the meaning of ( jaf 'ala jaf, taher bila khilaf)? Thank you in advance. .. More

  • Dried urine on clothes Date: 22-10-1999

    If some urine is spilled on clothes and dried, will the clothes be suitable to pray in, especially if there is no chance to wash, ex: at work?.. More

  • Making Tayamum rather Than Using Water Due to Time Date: 15-10-1999

    Ablution: sometimes there is water but there is no time to use it or it's difficult to use it; for example, in work or at the university. So can I perform Tayamum? .. More