404 fatwas

  • Devoting all one's prayers to sending blessings upon the Prophet Date: 14-4-2014

    salam.dear sheikh what is the meaning of hadith in which a companion decided to allocate all his prayer as salawaat on the prohet peace be upon him .. More

  • Memorizing supplications in Arabic without knowing their meaning Date: 12-4-2014

    Dear Scholar, Assalam-o-Aliekom! May Allah have mercy on you. I have memorized most of the Dua's mentioned in the Quran and some of the Dua's reported from the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). My question is if I invocate with these Dua's, without knowing their translation, will I be getting the benefit sought in it. Moreover, there might be some.. More

  • Thikr after Salah is recited silently, not aloud Date: 8-4-2014

    After every farz salath does our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW, any time, loudly recited "Haq La Ilaha Illallah"? If any one loudly recites "Haq La Ilaha Illallah" after every farz salath, is it a right practice? .. More

  • Saying Takbeer in unison after prayer Date: 8-4-2014

    I recently asked you this question "If we enter a mosque and there is very less time left for obligatory prayer (say < 2 min);Is it permissible to sit without praying Tahiyat al masjid or should we remain standing for these minutes"...But you directed meto other questions which did not answer mine.I want to know can we sit without praying tayihat.. More

  • Some instances of saying the prayer of blessings upon the Prophet Date: 5-4-2014

    Assalamu alaikum, Thank you for the previous answers. Does the salutation in the mention of the name of our holy Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam need to be given in the following situations: 1. During Salah (like during the Durood after the Tahiyat) 2. During Adhan and Iqamah 3. During any Durood 4. When using pronouns (like saying "he.. More

  • Supplicating during fall of snow or hail is recommended Date: 15-3-2014

    Assalaam alaikum, it is recommended to do duaa at the time of rain. as reported in hadeeth. Does the same apply when it is snowing or when hail falls?? As these are different things?? And if some one dislikes rainy climate due to personal dislike is he loosing reward since rain is blessing from allaah?? .. More

  • Saying 'Aameen' to the supplications of Christians Date: 18-2-2014

    As salamu'alaykum I am a brother whose mother is christian, my father is muslim but married a christian. My question is sometimes when i speak with my mother she tells me may God make this and that for you she said it just like other muslims say when they pray for someone i want to know if it is permissible for me to say ameen because it may make her.. More

  • Does menstruation prevent supplication? Date: 26-1-2014

    Is a menstruating woman permitted to make supplication in a group of women and they affirm by saying ’Aameen? .. More

  • Supplications in the occasion of marriage Date: 23-1-2014

    I am a twenty-one-year-old religious girl and there is a young man who wants to propose to me. I told my mother, but his mother opposes this marriage, therefore, I resorted to Allaah Exalted Whom I ask to Help me out. Can you, please, provide me with supplications and suggested righteous deeds so that Allaah, the Exalted, Would Grant me success and.. More

  • Reciting supplications related from scholars Date: 21-1-2014

    Assalamualaikum, Is it permissible to constantly read at anytime duas that are created by other scholars. The question is both general and for the specific book "DUAs FOR FORGIVENESS FROM THE HELLFIRE" by Sheikh Hasan al Basri. Also I read them after reading the duas from the Quran and Sunnah. JazakAllah .. More

  • He wants his Du'aa' to be answered quickly Date: 16-1-2014

    Salam Alakium, Can you answer this specially from Quraan and Sunnah, not using similar answer. I want my duas to come true fast, I know Allah accepts in 3 ways. There is a hadith states nawafil brings you closer to Allah, untill he loves you and if he asks he gives you...does this mean its more likely and likely he will give you what you asked fast... More

  • Praying for long life on someone's birthday Date: 14-1-2014

    Asallam u Alaikum, I know it is not permissible to celebrate or greet on birthdays but if a person says on a child or someone's birthday or wedding anniversary 'May Allah subhana wa ta ala' bless you with long life or many years of happiness', is this sinful ? .. More

  • Ruling on adding the word “Sayyiduna” while sending blessings and peace on Prophet Muhammad Date: 13-1-2014

    Is it permissible to say Sallallaahu ‘Ala Sayyidina Muhammad (May Allaah Confer His peace and Blessings upon our master Muhammad)? .. More

  • Congregational Thikr after prayer is an innovation Date: 14-11-2013

    With regards to dhikr, I understand that it should not be done in congregation after the obligatory prayers. What should I do, though, if this happens in the mosque I am praying at? Stand up and leave or join in? How about a mother reading the morning adhkaar after the fajr prayer at home together with her children? JazakAllah khair .. More

  • Origin of the statement: sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam Date: 20-10-2013

    Assalaamualaikum wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatuh. Is there a hadith which states specifically that one should say the exact statement “sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam” after mentioning the name of the Prophet sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam. (What is the origin of this statement) Please provide me with the true meaning (translation) of this statement... More