405 fatwas

  • Group supplication after delivering a speech (lecture) Date: 10-12-2012

    I learned from you, group dua after each prayer is not acceptable. Also in our mosque, on every Friday after the speech by the Imam (before the Kutba) he used to make dua for the people who died and hospitalised during the week and for the people who donate money for the students in the Quran Class. Can I join that dua?.. More

  • You may recite all these Athkaar or some of them on a daily basis Date: 30-7-2012

    Salaam Alaikum Shaikh, We find many dua (supplications) to be recited before going for sleep in Husn al-Muslim and other books of Azkaar (remembrance). However, should one recite all those selected dua before sleeping or one dua at a time? Likewise we find many Azkaar for dawn and dusk, so should we recite all those Azkaar uniformly or one at.. More

  • Using beads for remembering Allaah Date: 26-6-2012

    Imam shawkani and your website doesn't consider praying beads as bidah while Albani refutes these evidences and consdiers them bidah? what is the correct position? In one of your fatwa: http://www.islamweb.net/emainpage/index.php?page=showfatwa&Option=FatwaId&Id=84295, after quoting 2 evidences presented by imam shawkani. you have concluded.. More

  • Reciting a specific supplication in the advent of Rajab Date: 21-6-2012

    I have seen some references to hadeeths quoting references of Prophet ( Peace be upon him) reciting specific dua on the advent of Rajab. Is there any particular dua for Rajab to be read during the month of Rajab? .. More

  • Satan and the Prophet, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam (may Allaah exalt his mention). Date: 8-3-2012

    Would you please provide the complete story of Satan’s appearance before the Prophet, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, while he was with the Companions, may Allaah be pleased with them? .. More

  • The best method to drive away the devil Date: 6-3-2012

    I found some gold but it is guarded by Jinns! How can I drive them away?.. More

  • The Istikhaarah supplication in English Date: 21-2-2012

    Will you please provide me with Duaa Al Estikhara in English. Many thanks... More

  • Reciting Al-Faatihah when commencing a circle of knowledge Date: 21-2-2012

    Bismillahi rahmani raheem, Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh, I would like to ask you the following questions regarding a custome I witnessed in a womens doroos circle in my city in a european country. When they start their circle one of the women (they take turns to include everyone in this custom) recites al fatiha- whilst reciting.. More

  • Asking for supplication in hardship Date: 19-2-2012

    aasalam o alikum,i would like to ask,please please im in last year of mbbs,i need prayer to clear this exams n become a doctor kindly,help me in it,.. More

  • Supplications for Relief from Magic and Grief Date: 9-2-2012

    How can I make Ruqyah (Quranic treatment) against magic? What are the invocations that drive grief, distress and hypochondria away? .. More

  • Reciting Laa Ilaaha Illallaahul Malikul Haqqul Mobeen Date: 25-12-2011

    Please tell that how Reciting "LA ILAHA ILLALLAHUL MALIKUL HAQUL MOBEEN" repeatedly can be beneficial.. More

  • When to say: Inna Lilaahi Wa Inna Ilayhi Raaji'oon Date: 19-12-2011

    Salam alaikum, Is "Inna lilayhi wa inna ilayhi" only to be said when a Muslim dies, or also when a kaafir dies, when one looses his job, pet, house, etc.? Salam alaikum Nuha.. More

  • Prayer for Muhammad vs. claiming Jesus is the son of Allaah is irrelevant Date: 6-12-2011

    A Christian asked me how Muslims reject the concept that 'Eesa (Jesus), may Allaah exalt his mention, is the son of Allaah The Almighty while they say, "May the prayers of Allaah be upon Muhammad". How can it be that the Creator prays for His created being? How can we refute this claim?.. More

  • Supplication drives away affliction Date: 4-12-2011

    If affliction was destined for a slave of Allaah, could this be driven away by supplication? Please advise me how to keep away the things I fear... More

  • Ruling on supplication and Allaah's response Date: 1-12-2011

    Assalamu Alaikum, Dear Sheikh, In the Quran, Allah says that He gave everything that we asked for (14:34) . It is known from experience that God does not give everything that we ask for. What is the correct meaning of the verse? Regards, Moosa.. More