423 fatwas

  • Taking a present that comes with the bought item is not riba Date: 30-1-2014

    Are the free services provided upon buying an item, such as giving the person a bottle of perfume and an extra item with it for free, considered Riba?.. More

  • Company paying interest changes not the ruling Date: 30-1-2014

    As-Salamu ‘Alaykum, Is it unlawful to buy a car on loan, given that the car is necessary in my work? Having no car will result in definite harm. It should be known that the company will pay the interest of the loan and I will not bear any loss. May Allaah Reward you. .. More

  • Selling gold that contains stones Date: 30-1-2014

    How should the gold that contains “stones” be bought and sold?.. More

  • Selling non-Riba item in return for the same kind along with increase and deferred payment Date: 29-1-2014

    Could you summarize the opinions of the scholars on the ruling of Riba An-Nasee’ah (increasing the price of an item in return for deferred payment) regarding selling non-Riba items for me? May Allaah Reward you. .. More

  • A loan must be paid as taken, and if not possible, the value is to be estimated Date: 29-1-2014

    In 1990, I lent nearly 150,000 dollars to a person, and he wants to pay me this year, 2001, while the sum is now equal to only 1500 dollars. When I lent him the money I did not agree with him on which currency he would pay me, whether by the dollar or by the local currency. The local currency at that time was the Sudanese pound and now it is the Sudanese.. More

  • Ruling on cancelling part of the debt in return for immediate payment of another part Date: 9-1-2014

    In the Name of Allaah, The Most Merciful, The Ever Merciful. May Allaah Bless your efforts and Reward you. My question is: I am a merchant and have a store, and a client takes commodities from me on credit, and his debt has risen to 40,000 dollars. He repays in installments and takes goods on a weekly basis. One day, I needed 10,000 dollars and said.. More

  • Extending a sale contract for an increase in price is Riba Date: 31-12-2013

    ASSALAM O ALAIKUM; i sell a plot in pakistan in the month of july and write a contract as that buyer give me 1/4 in advance and the rest money in the month of December. now he is giving me an offer that this contract should be more longer than 6 months more and u take 30000 per marla more because after 6 months the price of plot will increse as the.. More

  • Ruling on accepting gifts from a Riba-based bank Date: 1-11-2013

    i have a savings bank account and i dispose off the interest given by the bank. But bank also gifts its customers a yearly calendar, dairy or wallet, can i take it? If not ,then what should i do with previous gifts? .. More

  • Answering a misconception about bank interests Date: 1-9-2013

    salamun alaykum.may Allah bless you.dear sheikh,please i want you to clear this misconception on interest paid by banks on savings account.1.that it is your share of the profit from transacting with your money 2.that it is similar to the incident of three people of cave narrated in hadith where one of them has his money with his employer and the latter.. More

  • Her husband is angry with her because of a loan she took before converting to Islam Date: 13-8-2013

    I have an old debt that my husband is unhappy with. I have sold a house and lost a lot of money on it, it happened before I was married. he thinks I lied about it because I was not done with it later than I thought due to interest rates that rose to the double. he does not trust me now, I have shown him my account so he could see it was true what I.. More

  • Impermissible to cooperate with a Riba-based bank Date: 11-8-2013

    dear brother, we are solar energy company in pakistan. can we sell our product to a bank and then bank further finance on installment to his customer. Selling and marketing is on bank and bank will charge margin for its services and leasing. We will not involve in financing, we will install solar at customer home and bank will make us full payment one.. More

  • An item that involves Riba in PayPal and Alipay user agreement Date: 28-6-2013

    Assalamo alikom When I read PayPal and Alipay user aggrement I found thoes items are not clear to me: PayPal 4.1 Balances. If you hold a balance, PayPal will hold your funds in pooled accounts separate from its corporate funds, and it will not use your funds for its operating expenses or for any other corporate purposes. PayPal will not voluntarily.. More

  • Bank is entitled to refuse investments of those whose income is doubtful Date: 29-5-2013

    salam.. The bank refuse investment from certain individuals and companies whose income is questionable. Is it shariah compliant or not? .. More

  • Ruling on cash back on a debit card Date: 28-3-2013

    I have a savings bank account in a riba-based bank in India (Please note that their are no Islaamic banks in our country and I have read about the ruling on this issue).I take the interest from the bank and give the compelete amount in charity. If we use banks DEBIT card we get: 1% Cashback on all purchases. Re. 1 back for every Rs. 100 we spend. Is.. More

  • An Islamic bank offering a fixed profit rate Date: 21-3-2013

    As salamu alaikum, My question is regarding one leading shariah compliant bank in qatar offering almost fixed profit rate of three percent (3%) on a high profit savings account. Upon enquiring with their sales/service person they informed me that they try to maintain the profit rate at three percent so as to benefit the customer, even if the whole profit.. More