3144 fatwas

  • Buying Food at Supermarkets that Sell Haram Items Date: 21-1-2002

    Is it Haram to do our weekly shopping in big supermarkets because we save time as we can get everything under one roof at a fraction of the price of smaller shop? But these big supermarkets sell alcohol and pork and other Haram things and we do not know where the profit of our money goes. It may go to some organizations working with the enemy of Islam.. More

  • Dealing in Bribery Date: 20-1-2002

    In my country, which is a Muslim country there is a corruption problem. I made my own business but I have to give money if I want to get my right. What Islam say about this practice? .. More

  • Investment Produced Interest Date: 16-1-2002

    I invested in a 100 percentage medical mutual fund. I bought the funds with about 3200. After some months I realized that about 50 of the money was from usury. Should I deduct just the interest the 50 could have made or should I do away with the whole interest I have made? .. More

  • Buying house on mortgage Date: 15-1-2002

    I live in Ireland and I would like to by a house though a bank mortgage, I would like to know the conditions that have been released by the European Islamic committee which I believe has a good knowledge about the difficulties in living in European countries... More

  • Taking commission from a doctor Date: 15-1-2002

    Is it Halal to take a commission from a doctor for bringing him a customer?.. More

  • Working at store selling beer and pork Date: 15-1-2002

    I have a friend who worked at his store in the USA selling beer and pork. Then he decided to quit selling these things and he did. But when he returned from Yemen to the USA, he found that his store where he was working had many problems, bills, taxes and other expenses. He cannot work another job until he pay this money. Can he still work at that.. More

  • Increase in provident fund Date: 13-1-2002

    Every month 20% of the basic salary is added into provident fund maintained and retained by company in a bank account. After completion of six months/12 months some increase in one's provident fund amount was reported after the said period? Is this OK for us from Qur'an and Sunnah?.. More

  • Selling Clothes of Belly Dancers to Non-Muslim Women Date: 13-1-2002

    I want to know the ruling of selling the belly dancer clothes to non-Muslim women? .. More

  • Raffle tickets for prizes Date: 8-1-2002

    If a shop distributes raffle tickets based on the amount purchased and then makes a ceremony of the drawing for various gift items, is it permissible in Islam?.. More

  • Reduced Inheritance of Daughter Who Married Without Permission Date: 6-1-2002

    My daughter married without permission at the age of 17 to a dangerous person, as he forged his immigration documents and receives unlawful state benefit. In other words she married against the wishes of her parents, family and friends. She disgraced us and the boy has humiliated us to a great extent. As a result we deprived her of inheritance partly.. More

  • Taking Loans From University With Interest Date: 6-1-2002

    I'm a postgraduate student in Canada, but originally I'm from Egypt. I've been here in Canada a year. I have a relative, who has finished the High school in Canada and is starting her undergraduate studies at a Canadian University. This relative has the Canadian citizenship. I want to declare that her case is not an individual one, but a common case.. More

  • Receiving from a bank less money than requested, but having to pay the full amount Date: 6-1-2002

    Sorry to write the question in English but it is easier for me to use in computer. I am Arabic citizen. In my country if you want to build a house you can ask for a loan from the bank. When you receive the money, you receive an amount lesser than what you asked for, but when you want to pay the bank the loan you should give the amount you asked. For.. More

  • Questionable loan Date: 6-1-2002

    My brother wants to buy some road construction machinery. He does not have all the required money. So the company selling the machinery has him pay certain sum and the balance will be a loan at 5% interest per annum to be repaid over a five year period. The company claims that this interest is how they want to state their profit. Is this interest or.. More

  • Deceased Left Behind a Wife, 4 Kids, a Mother, 4 Brothers, and 2 Sisters Date: 6-1-2002

    I have a brother (my own brother) who passed away last year . He has a wife, 4 kids, a mother, 4 brothers, and 2 sisters. Who should inherit him and who should not? What are the Islamic ruling on who is qualified to inherit him and who is not, and how this inheritance process should be applied? .. More

  • Accountant for Company That Sells Wine and Tobacco Date: 1-1-2002

    I am a young man under contract to work in an airline company for one year to organize its accounting department. This company transports only tourists from European countries and a small part of their profit is gained from selling wine and tobacco. Is my work in this firm Halal? If not, am I obliged to honor my contract and finish the year and the.. More