3163 fatwas

  • Investments in the Stock Market Date: 10-4-2002

    I had invested money in stock market, through my bank, after checking my shares with the bank, I found shares used in Haram activities. What shall I do? It's an important amount, and if I have to give up this money, how will I do it, to whom will I give it? .. More

  • Earnings and Support from Father's Forbidden Business Date: 9-4-2002

    I know a guy whose father is working and earning forbidden money by selling satellites which broadcast illegal things like forbidden shows, etc. The father has made a lot of money from this business. His son does not like this and tried to make his dad change the business in order to earn lawful money but the father does not care. The son is working.. More

  • Copyrights for Islamic materials Date: 9-4-2002

    I bought a multimedia computer program called "Qur'an, Ver. 6.3.1". It is made by www.sakhr.com. I thought that I would make a copy of this program on another CD so that I can give it to a brother as a gift so that he can learn to read Qur'an. However, the brother told me that it could be copyrighted and that it would be wrong to make a copy of it.My.. More

  • Education financed from sale of house bought on interest Date: 9-4-2002

    I am a student doing masters in a university in USA. I am from a Muslim country in Asia. Its my second semester here. In first semester of studies I got financial support from my parents. Now I am supporting my finances on my own. In my first semester my parents paid for my expenses from the money they got from selling a house which they had built taking.. More

  • Islamic banking Date: 8-4-2002

    My question is regarding the Islamic bank. How do the employees in an Islamic bank get their monthly salary and from where? How does an Islamic bank function? If you have some book or site regarding this information in detail, please forward it to me... More

  • Getting rid of interest on investments Date: 6-4-2002

    Several years ago I invested in a company where they deal with interest. Unfortunately, some of the profits that I got were also as result of their investment with interest. I tried to find out the exact amount I got so that I remove them from my original investment, but it seems very, very difficult. What should I do? I have repented to Allah to forgive.. More

  • Company Paying Interest on His Loan to Buy Flat to Marry Date: 2-4-2002

    I have taken a loan from my company for about 4000 D. The agreement was that I pay a fixed amount of money every month until I paid the loan for a total of the same amount that I took (4000D). But after that I discovered that the company agreed with a bank to give me the loan and the company will pay the interest amount after I paid the 4000D. I don't.. More

  • Getting Rid of Mortgage Transaction Date: 2-4-2002

    I live in the United States and last year my brother and I purchased a house on mortgage (Riba), in both of our names, based on the Fatwa from Dr. Yousef Al-Qardawi that it was a necessity (Duroora). My father paid most of the down payment; around 70,000 and my brothers and I added 5,000 each. I now feel that this was the wrong decision and want.. More

  • Giving one's inheritance as a gift to another inheritor Date: 1-4-2002

    Is it permissible for a person eligible in inheritance to take his share and then offer it as a gift to another person who is also eligible in the same inheritance (for example his brother)?.. More

  • Spa services for women Date: 1-4-2002

    I have plans to open a Women's Day Spa. My brother will be the interior decorator and designer and my father an investor. We are all interested in what, if any, of the following treatments would be considered "Haram" before we proceed with the venture:1) Pedicure and Manicure with no nail polish.2) Massage and Tension therapy.3) Cellulite treatment.4).. More

  • Do Stepchildren inherit from stepfather? Date: 30-3-2002

    Do stepchildren have share in their stepfather's wealth? If yes what percent of that wealth?.. More

  • Getting Rid of Money from Forbidden Sources Date: 24-3-2002

    I got a large amount of money by working in a prohibited business (i.e. selling alcohol, etc, interest from saving accounts). I want to get rid of all this money and repent sincerely to Allah, but I'm not sure how to get rid of all this money. Can I give this money to a Muslim brother to buy a bike for him to go to work as he has to walk to his office.. More

  • Auctioning celebrities' belongings for charity Date: 23-3-2002

    My colleagues at work have been talking about an issue that I said is mixing right (Haqq) with false (Batil) while they believe that it's good deeds and charity. The other day there was an auction on the TV selling an actress' clothes who died for money and dedicated that money for a hospital of children cancer patients. I would like to know about.. More

  • Not paying income tax Date: 10-3-2002

    If one avoids paying income tax every year, and left the country, is it a sin not paying income tax?.. More

  • How to call witness for a little amount Date: 4-3-2002

    The holy Qur'an mentions about keeping witnesses while lending or borrowing money. So, is there any condition for practicing the rule? I mean, if I lend someone as little as 5 or 10 dollar should I keep witness... More