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  • Taking interest bearing loan to buy house

    First I would like to say that I have no intention to buy a house, but many people say that taking a loan from banks and paying interest for buying a house in occidental countries when the house is not for commercial purpose is allowed. Can you please clarify this for me? wa jazaqumu ALLAHU khairan WASSALAMU ALAIKUM .. More

  • Ruling on insurance

    What's Islam opinion about insurance? (all kinds).. More

  • Bank account, bank prizes and gifts

    I have three small questions. Q1: If you have a bank account and you hear that you have won a big prize from the bank, is this money Halal or Haraam? If this is Haraam, what is the Ayat or Hadith that proves this? Q2: If this prize is Haraam, can it be used to help in any way (any kind of help)? Q3: If the Bank gives you something (watch, keyring, or.. More

  • Being in business with a dishonest partner

    long time ago I made a company with another man whom I met for the first time, he came from another country, he told me that he have many companies in many countries, because he is Muslim and he have a good method to talk with Qura'n and Hadeeth I think he is a honest man, I gives him my money and we begon the new company me in Holland and he from.. More

  • Working in a hotel

    Should I work in a hotel?.. More

  • Ruling on mortgage

    What is the Islamic ruling about mortgage? .. More

  • Seeks bank's sponsorship of school project in lieu of interest

    Instead of accepting interest from bank on our account, we have asked bank to sponsor on a different project in the school. What is the ruling according to shariah?.. More

  • Had a Bank Loan

    1 year back I took a loan from a bank here to cover some urgent commitment at that time. Now as I still have 2 years to pay for the loan I regret the decision and read about Riba and how both the bank and I are equally mistaken. According to my reading, I know that the lender should give the extra amount of money paid for interest to Islamic affairs.. More

  • Exchanging inferior dates for superior dates

    There is this story about Bilal... He returned once with dates...and the Prophet asked him where he got the dates. Bilal said he exchanged 2 spoiled dates for one edible one. The prophet said that this was usury (riba)...How is this so? If it is usury, is a spoiled date equivalent in value to a non-spoiled one? Thank you.. More

  • Bank charges reduce money in saving account

    I have a deposit in a Bank in Canada. I put the money in a saving account without profit. I have no choice but to put this money in Bank in Canada. Each month the Bank deducts 3.00 from my account as a charge for this type of account since the bank can not make a lot of use with my money. But over time my money becomes less and less. Please advice.. More

  • Now has money he borrowed 20 years ago, how much should be repaid?

    I had borrowed SR10000 for one year. But I could not pay it back because I did not have the money. After 20 years I have the money. Do I have to pay only 10000 or do I have to pay any more taking into consideration that the value of that amount after 20 years does not equal more than 1/10 of the value when I took the money?.. More

  • Borrowing from a Bank

    I'm a Muslim and I've finished my studying and I'm looking for a job, but here in Morocco it's too difficult. so there is a possibility to get money from a bank with percent (riba) to have my own business, but as I know it's forbidden. I've asked other people and they told me that it's possible as I can't find work with a firm here in Morocco. So please.. More

  • Not accepting work with non-Muslims in Europe

    What 's the Islamic Fatwa on people who do not accept to work with non-Muslims in Europe?.. More

  • Credit cards, Student loans

    Asalam wa alikum. Is having credit Card Halal or Haram? There is interest in it (riba)and it's Haram . But in most of the trade transactions you have to use credit card in Canada. 2-If I want to study at the university there is a student loan Interest (Riba). Is it O.K to take a loan with (Riba) or Haram? jazakum allah kul khir.. More