3163 fatwas

  • Microfinance or Microcredit Date: 9-4-2000

    Microfinance or microcredit is a wide spread method of providing the poor with access allowing them to borrow from banks that are established specifically to provide this credit facility. The loans that are given in small amounts, usually between US 100 and 1500, and are repaid to the micro- finance institution with a high interest rate that somtimes.. More

  • Working for Companies Receiving or Paying Interest Date: 2-4-2000

    I understand that working in insurance or banking is prohibited, but in North America or even most of the world almost every organization is dealing in interest either by receiving it or paying it. Their existence is mostly done through interest bearing loans from banks. Does that imply that Muslims cannot work for any organization? .. More

  • Buying from shops that sell beer Date: 27-3-2000

    What is the Hukum of Islam in buying food from the shop that sells beer? .. More

  • Leasing a Car for Business Date: 25-3-2000

    My father has a business in AUSTRALIA, pays alot of tax, and he pays his duty as a Muslim too. Last year his accountant adviced him to buy a car so he can reclaim some of his taxes which he did. He leased a car and paid installments every month for 3 years. After the three years he returned the car and leaseed new car again. My question: is leasing.. More

  • Job Requires Taking Internet Subscribers Who Want to Chat or Look at Pornography Date: 23-3-2000

    Last week I was very delighted I got a job (walhamdullilah) in an Internet service provider company in the Kingdom. What really bothered me was that I subscribe the users, some I know or tell me they want to subscribe to chat and look at sex pictures. Is the salary which I receive Haram or Halal? .. More

  • Receiving non-Halal food as gifts from non-Muslims Date: 21-3-2000

    I'm married to a newly converted Muslim. Sometimes we received food gifts from her relatives that is not Halal for us to eat. Is it permissible for us to give such food to other non-Muslims? Or is it better for us to just throw them away? What is Islamic ruling concerning this matter? Thank you. .. More

  • Al-Kharaaj (wealth collected by Islamic state) Date: 13-3-2000

    Dear Sir, Kindly advise me on what is "kharaj" and how will it affect the government's collection of inland revenue. .. More

  • Al-wadiah (deposits) and its types Date: 7-3-2000

    I want to know the history of al-wadiah and deposits, also the types of al-wadiah under fiqh muamalah... More

  • Buying property stolen from Jews Date: 24-2-2000

    Can I buy computer set which is stolen from Jews? .. More

  • Charging late fees Date: 8-2-2000

    Is charging late fees considered Riba? .. More

  • Trading in stock market Date: 6-2-2000

    Is trading in the stock market haram? If it is haram, what can I do with the shares I have right now and its value is less than the price I paid? How I can invest my money in a country like Canada and our countries have almost the same structure?.. More

  • Working for non-Government welfare organization Date: 2-2-2000

    According to the shariah are we allowed to work with non-government welfare organizations?.. More

  • Computer program for inheritence Date: 1-2-2000

    Is there a computer program to solve the shares of inheritance according to Islam?.. More

  • Buying house with bank loan Date: 30-1-2000

    I bought a house here in Norway and I had no other choice, in other word I was 'muthtar and I took a loan from a bank and, of course, I should pay interest. I have a large family with 5 children and it is almost impossible to rent a house here for such large families. What does Islam say in such circumstances?.. More

  • A loan taken 10 years ago has increased in value in the local currency; the original balance is due Date: 25-1-2000

    "My father who was living in Jordan borrowed ( 15,000) from his brother in America in1987. At that time the 15,000 equaled JD4,500 Jordanian Dinars, and my father exchanged the dollars into Jordanian Dinar and used them. Now, 10 years later, he is able to return the money to his brother, but 15,000 equals about 10,000 Jordanian Dinars and not 4500... More