3118 fatwas

  • Islamic finance Date: 23-1-2000

    I am trying to research on Islamic Finance and how it works (or how it "should" work) in today's world of dominating western finance and Riba'. SPECIFIC TOPICS include: How a merger transaction between two companies would be implemented under Islamic Law? Also how would it differ between two Islamic countries ( it shouldn't, since there's only.. More

  • Buying a Car on Installments With Interest Date: 19-1-2000

    What's the Islamic ruling regarding a person who wants to buy a car with monthly installments? There is no other alternative and the payments are subject to interest rates. .. More

  • Accepting gifts from Muslims dealing in corruption and bribery Date: 1-1-2000

    Is it allowable to accept a gift from a Muslim who is involved in corruption and bribery?.. More

  • Selling computer games Date: 28-12-1999

    Is it Halal to sell computer games? .. More

  • Paying Zakah on stocks Date: 15-11-1999

    I trade in stocks. Please let me know how does one work out the Zakat for stocks?.. More

  • Trading in stocks and interest Date: 15-11-1999

    I trade in stocks. Please let me know if the following are halal or haram: 1. a margin account (an account that lets me borrow for a few hours, days or months to buy stocks. The money has to be repaid with a variable interest); 2. day trading (buying and selling the same stock in one day or over a short period of time)? 3. futures and commodities?.. More

  • Bank Loan to Buy House in Lebanon Date: 21-10-1999

    Am I able to request a loan from a bank for buying a house in a country like Lebanon? .. More

  • Interest from Banks Date: 5-10-1999

    Is taking interest from banks haram or halal? .. More

  • Working with a Jewish man Date: 5-10-1999

    Is working for a Jewish man forbidden by God or not? .. More

  • Orphans' Family with Financial Problems Want to Put Money in Riba Account Date: 3-10-1999

    Asalam Alikum. Thanks God for finding a precious and helpful guide for Islamic people, I am confused and I do not know what to do concerning my problem. I am an orphan since I was three years old, my father has been kidnapped in the Lebanese war in 1982 and we have never heard from him since and we think he is dead, he left a family of three members.. More

  • Inheritance Containing Interest Date: 24-9-1999

    Referring to question No. 1354, if the one who died had made a will of paying 1/3 of his money to the charity, would the percentage of interest be considered a part of the 1/3 or do we have to pay the 1/3 and the percentage of usury? .. More

  • Holding mortgage money (Al Raheena, WAFA, Amana) Date: 12-9-1999

    Can you please answer the following question:1. Somebody wants take a house on mortgage (which is Rahen in urdu) 2. He will pay Rupees: 80,000 to the owner of the house. As a guarantee, the owner will vacate the house, and give to the person who is paying the money. This is a gurantee for the money. The person paying will stay with his family in.. More

  • Inheritance Containing Interest Date: 5-9-1999

    I would like to ask if someone received an inheritance from his/her relative whose earnings had some haram things like interests and he or she knows this, what is he or she supposed to do? .. More

  • Borrowing From Bank to Buy a House Date: 24-8-1999

    I am a married man with two kids. I have a decent job but I cannot save enough to build a house for my family. Here in Tunis we don't have Islamic banks, so all banks that give credit for building house charge an interest rate. Does our religion give permission in such a situation to get credit from the bank? I have to note that I called the ex-Mufti.. More

  • Taking interest bearing loan to buy house Date: 22-8-1999

    First I would like to say that I have no intention to buy a house, but many people say that taking a loan from banks and paying interest for buying a house in occidental countries when the house is not for commercial purpose is allowed. Can you please clarify this for me? wa jazaqumu ALLAHU khairan WASSALAMU ALAIKUM .. More