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  • Children of Real Mother Vs Those of Surrogate Mother in Inheritance Date: 21-9-2020

    Assalam Alaykum,If my sibling had a child born via surrogacy (ie gestational surrogacy = embryo of the couple created IVF and implanted in a hired surrogate, carried and delivered by caesarean)-- what is the status of the child, Islamically?How do I and my family interact with the child? Do the same rights/relationship with the child exist as there.. More

  • Publishing What the Deceased Had Written If It is Beneficial Date: 17-9-2020

    Assalam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh,Is it halal or haram to share a message written by a deceaded Muslim, rahimo Allah, in order to clarify some issues with other Muslims ? BaarakAllahu fikum for your answer. .. More

  • Muslim Sons Do Not Have the Right to Dispose of their Non-Muslim Mother’s Land and Property Date: 27-8-2020

    Assal?m alaykum. Beloved Shaykh i would like to know the ruling regarding two sons who're muslims but their mother is a non-muslim (Christian) who is unfortunately mentally ill for years now she has a piece of land under her ownership can her two sons use it or sell it for themselves considering that she's been mentally ill for years since they were.. More

  • His Roommate Insisted on Him So He Helped Him Get A Credit Card on Riba-Based Conditions Date: 25-8-2020

    Assalamwalekum, I have a roommate who is also a muslim. Recently he applied for the credit card, it got a limit of 50 days for payment failing which he has to pay interest. The thing is, i actually helped him getting the verification done for the credit card but i didn't intended to so and didn't wanted to but he kept on insisting on this. I want to.. More

  • You Must Give Your Grandparents their Rightful Shares of their Son’s Estate Date: 25-8-2020

    Assalam alaikum,Unfortunately my father passed away recently and now it's only me,my mother and my sister. Our father was the sole breadwinner of the family,after he left the only thing we have now is a land and a house which were both under my father's name. Me and my sister are quite young and have not even completed school yet. When he was there.. More

  • She Cooperated with Her Husband in Buying a House with Riba Date: 19-7-2020

    Assalamu alaykum. InshaAllah your in good health. Me and my husband just brought a house but we had to borrow half of the money from a normal bank which charges interest. The house and the loan are under both of our names because that's the way it had to be and that's how my husband wanted it to. I know it is haram to take out a loan from banks that.. More

  • Not Obliged to Pay Zakaah on Loan until You Receive It Date: 19-7-2020

    As-salaamu 'alaykum, My brother is the owner of a small enterprise that take part in Government bidding for the supply of Medical, Surgical and Lab Items. Please note that the way his enterprise works is that he takes part in Bidding for the yearly, monthly or occasional bulk supply. After winning the bid he makes a contracts with customers for the.. More

  • No Profit Limit in Trade Provided There Is Agreement between Buyer and Seller Date: 16-7-2020

    Assalamu'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Dear Scholar(s). I'd ever seen a fatwa saying that we are prohibited from selling goods at prices above the market price. I have seen a fatwa in an Islamic question and answer site that selling goods above market prices where if people are not smart in negotiating, then he can be fooled by these prices, then.. More

  • Impermissible to Buy Shares in Companies That Deal with Riba Except with Some Conditions Date: 16-7-2020

    I am a resident of USA working in an oil company. I currently purchase my company’s stock as part of my retirement plan, which also helps reduce my taxes. When I initially asked our local Imams, they said that as long as the company’s business is not Haraam (ex. selling of alcohol, pork, etc.) then it would be permissible to purchase their stock,.. More

  • Working in Health Insurance Entering Data Date: 16-7-2020

    Is health insurance based data entry jobs halal or haram? Example: Entering name,place,state,amount etc. .. More

  • Bank Increases Currency Exchange Rate on Weekends Date: 30-6-2020

    Hi I exchanged currency from my bank but my bank applies this rule on currency exchange on the weekends is this Riba and if I had a strong feeling that this is riba but was not compeletely sure am i still sinful for consuming Riba in this case. the bank rule on currency exchange at weekends is as follows At the weekend (Friday 00:00 - Sunday 23:59).. More

  • The Part Of Salary That Is Equivalent To The Negligence Time Is Haram Date: 25-6-2020

    Salamu aleykum. Does not doing 100% at work or often being lazy or not knowing every area that you're required to know at work make your income haram? I know someone who graduated from pharmacy school and she worked for more than one year and did have time to look things up but she's worried that her lack of energy might have made her money unjustly.. More

  • Withdrawing Money from Forex Trading To Invest in a Lawful Way Date: 14-6-2020

    I started trading forex before realizing its haram, now that I've realized is it permissible for me to withdraw my money and use it elsewhere given its lesser than the one i deposited at the begining? .. More

  • Accepting a Gift No Matter How Little It Is Date: 9-6-2020

    assalamu aleykom wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu dear Ulama, What is the opinion on my two following questions: 1. If somebody who does not like you, gives anykind of present, is it permissible to accept it anyway (as recommended in Islam), but then to offer it as a sadaqa on their name to somebody else? 2. Applies that also in the case you have a feeling.. More

  • Issues On Disposing of Inheritance Date: 8-6-2020

    salam allakum.both my parents passed may God have mercy on them.also they were divorced my sisters stayed in us with our mother,my father and i returned to syria on his land we had many trees and required work we also built 2 story building 1 was for my sisters and 2was for me also we built 3 story building but nothing was said about sisters both are.. More