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  • Buying and Selling Online

    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته I have a question about an online business where I would sell things on I learned from a lecture about the principles of Al-Munaabadha (المنابذة), which involves a seller showing a buyer a garment but not allowing him to see the exact garment he is buying, and Al-Mulaamasa.. More

  • His parents work at a liquor store, what should he do?

    My question is what should I do if my family work at a liquor store? My dad and older brother both work at a liquor store and look like they’ll never stop. I never worked there nor have I ever wanted to and I know it’s haram. That’s why I tried so hard to get a degree and be able to find a job to take care of myself. Now my problem are two things... More

  • Ruling on a house bought with a Riba based loan

    Salam Alekum. 2 years a go i bought with my wife a house with a riba based loan. At the time we were tempted because of our housing situation. In that 2 year we renoveded the house and we feel at home but also feel guilt for our sin. Now we regret our sin en hoop Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala will forgive our sins. Should we sell the house. If yes what.. More

  • Ruling on the Salary of a Women Therapist who Treats Male Patients

    If a women is a therapist and she treats male clients in one to one sessions would her income through this be haram? I understand that this is consideredunacceptable but my question is particularly concerned with whether the income itself is haram? Thank you. .. More

  • Working in a Company that Engages in Usurious Transactions

    Asalamu alykum, May Allah reward you immensely for your work. Currently I am working in an export firm, which discounts every of it export bills for payment to supplier and employees, further it avails all the export refinance scheme from SBP and also invests in Treasury bills and term depsits. I am managing finance of the company.please advise regarding.. More

  • Ruling on Online Jobs for Muslim Women

    Can a woman do halal online jobs where she needs to communicate with male colleagues/clients via texting or audio calling? And can she attend a video meeting while wearing hijab and also covering her face? She only talks with them about professional things and no fear of Fitna or chit-chatting. Is it permissible? .. More

  • Purchased a House Through a Conventional Loan with a Fixed Monthly Payment

    I purchased a house beginning of 2022 through a conventional loan with a fixed monthly payment for 15 years, I put 20% down payment and the bank 80%. If this is haram, can I pay the full amount left on it now and be done with it? Should I give sadaqah out for thinking that it was permissible? Or would this be considered breaking the fixed monthly installment.. More

  • Touching a Mobile Phone that has a Quran Application

    I’ve read online and to my understanding, one doesn’t need to perform Wudu to use a phone with a Qur’an application on its screen. Is this correct? What about if the screen has a visible impurity on it, like blood, or one transferred impurity through wetness to the screen, is having the application open permissible if this isn’t done in a disrespectfu.. More

  • Paying Back Stolen Items

    If I stole something from someone and told them about it and they forgave me for it and told me I do not have to repay them, do I still have to return something of equal value to them (if I no longer have the exact item stolen) ? .. More

  • The Ruling on Earning by Watching Advertisements

    Salam.Is it permissable to earn money by watching ads. There is an app which gives you points if you watch ads. Later on you can exchange the points for paypal gift cards etc. The ads have music in it. Is it permissable to earn money if i turn my device volume to zero and then watch the ads?Please don't refer me to other fatwas.Thank you .. More

  • Selling or Sending Items That May Be Used for Permissible and Impermissible Purposes

    my sister has asked me to send a box to her in which there are things that she will be using for both halal and haram causes,in this case is it permissible for me to send her that box? note that she has asked me to send someone else to give her that box. .. More

  • The Ruling on Storing and Shelving Lawful Items

    Asc to whoever is answering this question.I am an 18 year old male living in America. I want to get this job at a local store near me but I don't know if its halal or not. I would be a floor/shelf stocker, putting makeup, vitamins, and bodycare products (like shampoo or soap) on the shelves to be sold. I'm asking if it would it be haram for me to work.. More

  • Monthly Rent from Inheritance not Being Divided Properly

    Monthy rent from Inheritance not being divide properly,all heirs werent consulted,im trying for months to set it right,bt no one listen toMe,uncle dosnt tell me how much is total amnt recieved,i dont've access to it,he deny to give documents.idont know what my share is,i recieve a certain sum monthly, im trying bt until its fixed i need to depnd on.. More

  • Selling a Product Without the Knowledge of the Company

    Assalamu alaykum.Is it permissible to buy the product of a company from the supervisor/other employee of a company without the company knowing about it?The person says that he is responsible for it and I don't need to be worried?Please advice.Jazak Allah khayr .. More

  • Using Sites or Programs that Have Bad Advertisements

    In windows 11 store Microsoft has included movies to the store as soon as u open the store several movies comeup even without searching on the home page and they also added a category for them as we all know these movies have all sorts of title names and pictures which could be disrespecting to the relegion and also the content inside the movie can.. More