1427 fatwas

  • Wearing same night clothes after a wet dream Date: 8-10-2002

    If I had a wet dream last night and I make a Ghusl. Can I wear my same pajamas the next night? If I wear the same pajamas do I have to take a bath the next morning in order to clean up?.. More

  • Political problems wearing a beard Date: 28-9-2002

    I'm from Tunisia and I do pray but I have a problem that I have a beard. The problem is that we have here political problem; police catch the one who grows his beard my family tells me to cut it. Can I cut it or leave it?.. More

  • Performing Ablution with Soap Date: 25-9-2002

    Is doing Wudu with a soap; Bid'ah? .. More

  • Male circumcision in Islam Date: 23-9-2002

    If a male converts to Islam is circumcision necessary or not?.. More

  • Urinating while standing Date: 23-9-2002

    Is it approved to urinate while standing up?.. More

  • Wajib and Sunnah Acts of Ablution and Prayer Date: 12-9-2002

    What are Fard and Sunnah of ablution? Also the Fard and Sunnah of Salat. .. More

  • Urine Drops during Prayer Date: 9-9-2002

    I belong to the Hanafi school of thought. Sometimes while praying a drop of urine comes out. In this case, should I continue my prayer or stop? If I continue, is my prayer right or should I repeat it? This does not happen always. Here to fore, when it does, I repeat my previous prayers just in case. .. More

  • Wiping over the turban Date: 5-8-2002

    Is it allowed to wipe over the turban, as we do socks?.. More

  • Purification after defecation Date: 29-7-2002

    My question is regarding purification (Tahara) after passing stools. The Sunnah tells us to use three stones (or their equivalent) or a small container of water (e.g. a jug) and that this is enough. However I have immense troubles and please forgive my detailed question, as there is no shame in religion .As you know the anus (or anal sphincter) is.. More

  • Evidence of passing gas that breaks the Wudu Date: 27-7-2002

    I found a Hadith by Imam Ahmed that says only the sound or the smell of the wind breaks the Wudu and obliges us to repeat the Wudu. Is this Hadith true? I sometimes doubt when I do the Wudu and after it. I don't repeat Wudu if I don't find the smell or the sound of the wind. .. More

  • Uses of Alcohol Date: 27-7-2002

    Is it Halal to use cream including alcohol or to use alcohol to stop bleeding? .. More

  • Semen on clothes or bed Date: 27-7-2002

    If semen touches clothes or bed can we sleep on it or must it be changed?.. More

  • Living With Parents Who Want Him to Shave His Beard Date: 21-7-2002

    Please I'm 29 years old and I'm still living with my parents. I even have my bachelor degrees in private law for 4 years ago. My parents oblige me to shave my beard. Should I follow them or should I practice the Hadith that of our Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam) says: Grow your beards and shorten your mustache? .. More

  • No Harm for Women in Menses to Stay in a Room Other Than the Prayer Room in Mosque Date: 21-7-2002

    In our mosque in the place for women, there are two rooms, one for prayer, the other for learning Arabic and Quran. The question is: Can we enter even if we have our period? We can get into the room for learning without passing by the other where we pray, and we really need to teach women because they don't even know al-Fatiha. .. More

  • Nifas (confinement) Date: 17-7-2002

    I have two questions regarding Nifas the first one is: a sister who just gave birth and after 8 days she is almost clean and says she has a little line or spots of brown blood. She wants to know if she has to take a bath and pray or wait 40 days?The second one is: if she is clean before 40 days is she allowed to have intercourse with her husband?.. More