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  • Working in Investment Banking

    is working in investment banking is halal their work is related to merger and acquisition, manage client portfolio, act as a intermediate between compony and commercial bank (they advice bank to issue Loan to compony or not they also help compony in issue a share .. More

  • You Get Rid of the Surplus Amount of Profit Only

    Assalamu AlaykumI live in a western country whereby it is compulsory by law for working people to set aside a percentage of their earnings in a 'superannuation' fund, only accessible upon retirement. The companies managing these funds invest in different sectors, some halal and others not (eg tobacco)When I first started working, a small amount of money.. More

  • Disbursing Usury Money

    Assalamu alaykum,I normally separate usury money from my halal money in the riba based bank I am operating. On what can I disburse the usury money Islamically? .. More

  • Riba-based Investment Certificates

    A person who lives on "house rent" pays zakat and other taxes regularly. On top of those, he has to pay a large sum as income tax. That income tax would become only 1/4th if he buys government saving certificates. Will it be permissible for him to buy those certificates only to get the tax rebate, if he leaves RIBA or gets rid of it by giving to the.. More

  • Taking an Interest-based Loan to Study

    Assalamu Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu,I live in Canada and I am currently a student at one of the universities in this country. My goal is to become a social studies teacher because there is a great need for Muslim teachers even within secular subjects. However, the issue is that I have fallen into the trap that so many students have fallen into.. More

  • Recording Riba-Based Transaction

    salam. i read a fatwa by a famous Hanafi Scholar that subsequent recording of riba-based transaction is not prohibited though disliked. he means that it is haram to be record a riba based transaction at the time of its occurence but not afterwards. is this view of weight? .. More

  • Riba related jobs

    I'm mandatory trainee at a CA office for completing my course for three years, which I'll reach after a one hour train trip, total trip timing may 1.5 hrs, I joined this far because of the office has no bank audit, other near by offices has it. Still there during making of financial statements, I've to do calculation of interest to partners, as well.. More

  • Auditing Accounts of Riba-based Banks

    In islam, is it permissible to work in an accounting firm where some clients are engaged in haraam business activities? .. More

  • His Parents Deal in Riba

    assalamu haleikumwe live in a western country where there's a lot of riba and nowadays my parents dont even care about it,my dad just bought somethi with riba,and i told my mom and she said we don't have money,there's no way i can stop them from committing riba, .. More

  • Financing Construction as a Loan

    The government gives small projects to area organizers and activists such as building community centers, toilets and utilities. Once the job is done, the cost will be paid by the government. One of my relative funding these projects for which he charge 10% of the fund he gave. He says it’s as a commission. Can we consider this as interest ? .. More

  • Studying interest loans as part of Math course

    Hello. I am a student in college, in the Health Information Technology program, which requires me to take Maths with the Business App course. This course covers multiple concepts of basic math computations as well as teaching students about simple and compound interest. My question is: is it permissible to study interest (loans) because part program.. More

  • Adding experience in interest-based bank on CV

    I have worked in a non-Islamic bank which deals with interest for one year. After realizing it is haram, I left the job and asked Allah for forgiveness. My question is: can I include this job experience on my CV considering that it was haram? If I get another job on the basis of this job, will I be sinful? .. More

  • Loan that brings forth benefit is plain Riba

    Assalaamu alaykum. One of my friends wants to go to Australia, but he does not have enough money to go there. I have enough money to send him to Australia or any other country, but I want a share in his earnings, which might be 10-30% of his income. Would that money be halal for me? .. More

  • Income-Share-Agreement (ISA)

    Assalaamu alaykum. This finance-related question is controversial. I reside in the US and have asked a few knowledgeable imams. Some of them expressed that it is haram, and others did not. I would like to know if income-share-agreement, also known as ISA, is an interest-free financing halal alternative. We all know that loans with interest are haram.. More

  • Taking government interest-based loan to pay university tuition

    Assalaamu alaykum. I live in Australia, and we can have the government pay our university fees whilst we study. When we graduate, we then pay the government 125% of what they paid for us during our studies. Is this considered interest, or just profit? We never get the money, the government just pays the university on our behalf. And then we pay the.. More