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  • Taking Loans From University With Interest

    I'm a postgraduate student in Canada, but originally I'm from Egypt. I've been here in Canada a year. I have a relative, who has finished the High school in Canada and is starting her undergraduate studies at a Canadian University. This relative has the Canadian citizenship. I want to declare that her case is not an individual one, but a common case.. More

  • Receiving from a bank less money than requested, but having to pay the full amount

    Sorry to write the question in English but it is easier for me to use in computer. I am Arabic citizen. In my country if you want to build a house you can ask for a loan from the bank. When you receive the money, you receive an amount lesser than what you asked for, but when you want to pay the bank the loan you should give the amount you asked. For.. More

  • Questionable loan

    My brother wants to buy some road construction machinery. He does not have all the required money. So the company selling the machinery has him pay certain sum and the balance will be a loan at 5% interest per annum to be repaid over a five year period. The company claims that this interest is how they want to state their profit. Is this interest or.. More

  • Deceased Left Behind a Wife, 4 Kids, a Mother, 4 Brothers, and 2 Sisters

    I have a brother (my own brother) who passed away last year . He has a wife, 4 kids, a mother, 4 brothers, and 2 sisters. Who should inherit him and who should not? What are the Islamic ruling on who is qualified to inherit him and who is not, and how this inheritance process should be applied? .. More

  • Accountant for Company That Sells Wine and Tobacco

    I am a young man under contract to work in an airline company for one year to organize its accounting department. This company transports only tourists from European countries and a small part of their profit is gained from selling wine and tobacco. Is my work in this firm Halal? If not, am I obliged to honor my contract and finish the year and the.. More

  • Buying a house on a loan

    I've read some questions about Riba in this website, and when I saw Fatwa no. 84041. I really got scared. My family came to the U.S about 4 years ago, and the only way we could get a house was taking a loan, and then repaying that loan, of course, with interest. Now I know that this is Haram, but what were we suppose to do? If we had rented an apartment,.. More

  • Company Arranged Loan for Purchase of Home

    My company is a multinational foreign based company involved in oil and gas exploration and production in Pakistan. My company authorizes its employees to get certain amount of loan only for purchase of home from any loan-providing institution (bank or any other) as per amount sanctioned by company. These institutions (banks etc.) provide loan to employees.. More

  • Wanting to buy house with interest

    I have a question about buying a house. Situation: I live in Holland, two of my daughters study dental medicine in a city two hours away from our house. They spend daily four hours traveling. It's very difficult to find a rent house and to pay it. The girls refused to borrow money from the university, because of interest, following your Fatwa before. I.. More

  • In Haram business with brothers who denied his rights

    I am doing gold jewelry business in partnership with my brothers who are 20 years older than I and took care of me since my father's death when I was nine. My brothers have not given me legal partnership rights because I don't have a male child. They have been borrowing money on interest. I have tried my best to stop this Haram, but they do not listen.. More

  • Working for Company Which Service Banks, Insurance Companies

    I intend to start working for a company in the computer science field and I could be asked to provide services to clients such as banks or insurance companies. What is the view of Islam for such jobs, i.e. providing service to banks which deal with RIBA or insurance? .. More

  • Auditor for Company with Bank Clients; Investor in Public Company with non-Islamic Bank

    I am working as an auditor for a big company and part of our clients are banks, we audit banks and other institutions and as we all know that these banks are working on interest basis. So I want your opinion about the audit of these banks and can we generalize this opinion for other institutions like casinos and lottery agencies. Question 2 is related.. More

  • Free shares from a bank and how to dispose of them

    I live in England, I have a bank account which gave me some free shares. I've had these shares for a number of years, the price has changed regularly. I've never sold them or benefited from them financially, but I've begun to consider whether I was required to pay Zakah on them. If I pay Zakah on them, do I pay Zakah for all the missed years since.. More

  • Wants to Take an Interest Loan to Start Business

    I want to start a business for which I need a fair amount of money. I need to do the business as I am unemployed and not finding any job as there is a great job crisis in India and especially for a Muslim. Since I need money for which I intend to apply for loan from our government. If I get it then it is okay otherwise I have to look for other sources... More

  • Driving people to Haram places

    I'm a car driver. I pick up a lot people from everywhere and drive them to clubs, bars, etc. Is this permitted in Islam?.. More

  • Purchasing car on Installment

    1. What is the Shariah ruling on purchasing items (such as car) by installment? Can this type of transaction be considered as usury (Riba)?2. What conditions should a Muslim meet before taking a loan?.. More