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  • Men in "men only" restaurants

    Is it permitted for men to go to restaurants not for women?.. More

  • Working where tobacco is sold

    Assalamu Alaikum Is it halal to work in a grocery store that sells tobacco products but everything it sells is Halal?.. More

  • Investing in companies which occasionally deal with banks

    Is it allowed to trade in shares of companies whose main business is Halaal (like computers) but deal with banks by taking interest and loans from time to time? Is it allowed to trade in the shares of such companies if I do not intend to take any profit from the dividends? I will only take trading profit (profit from buying and selling the shares.. More

  • Working in Hotel Where Alcohol Is Sold

    I work in hotel in Dubai as visa officer that means I make visa for the guest who want to come to Dubai but the problem is after 6 month (now finish this 6 month) I have to make a residence visa for the people who work in the hotel (as a promotion I become a puplic relation officer ( PRO) and some of them are work in the bar. My question: is my work.. More

  • Inheritance from Kafir relative

    My maternal grandmother died recently and she was a Kafir and only my mother among her children is a Muslim. She died and left a lot of wealth without a will. The Kenyan secular law states that all the surviving children are lawful inheritors and all of them have to avail themselves to the relevant authorities for division of the deceased's wealth and.. More

  • Buying from retailers

    Can Muslims buy things from any retailer no matter who the retailer is? Or how his pricing of particular products may be?.. More

  • Buying House with Riba in Belgium

    Several persons says that Qardhawi said that buying a house in a non-Muslim country is not forbidden if it's only for personal use. I have 2 children and want to have more but I have only 2 bedrooms for me, my wife and my children. Renting a larger apartment is too expensive for us. If we stay in this apartment we couldn't have other children. We are.. More

  • Brother Used Money Entrusted to Him and Denies Receiving It

    I left some money in trust with my brother and he was to return it when I needed it. But he and my mother used it all and deny that I gave them any money. What should I do? .. More

  • Having a Christian House Maid

    Is it allowed for me as a Muslim to have a Christian house maid at my home? .. More

  • Buying questionable goods

    Can Muslims buy second-hand goods, keeping in mind the trader may be selling some stolen goods? .. More

  • Ruling on Money Exchange

    Is money changing Haram or Halal? .. More

  • Exchanging Old Gold Items for New Ones and Adding Cash for the Difference

    I heard from the Abu Dhabi Islamic radio programme the following: It is haram to exchange your gold belongings for a new gold item with adding some difference in money. The correct way is to sell your gold belongings, get the money and then buy a new gold item. And there should not be any indirect agreement between the seller and shopman that you'll.. More

  • Made credit payments with interest

    I have a credit card and at a point I found that I couldn't pay it so for 3 months I paid it with interest (Riba). I have now paid off my debt and, Insha Allah, will make sure I won't fall for that again. Now, will God forgive me? And how do I ask for forgiveness?.. More

  • Buying things on credit cards

    Thank you so much for you effort to build up this site to help all Muslims to understand their religion and follow the right path. I have a visa card and use it to buy things, but I could not repay the money in the allowed time so they charged me some interest and I do not know whether it is halal or haram since I really cannot pay my debit. Please.. More

  • Receiving commission fees

    Is it Halal to receive commission fee? There is a company selling pure gold product (99.99%) that offers the following commission fee program:a. Every customer who brings ten new customers after buying gold product will receive 400.b. Every time one of the ten new customers brings another ten new customers after buying gold product, 800 commissioning.. More