3120 fatwas

  • Free calls when using telephone Date: 19-6-2000

    One of the phone company doesn´t charge money for calls less than 60 seconds. Can I make my calls less than the 60 seconds to get free calls? .. More

  • Investment in saving certificates Date: 18-6-2000

    My sister is a widow who has three minor daughters, with no means of income other than the nominal amount she received after the death of her Husband from his employer. My question is can she invest this money in some defence saving certificates,life policies or fixed certificate schemes so that she may get a handsome amount at the time of enchasement.. More

  • Using company's resources to promote sales Date: 18-6-2000

    Can you answer the following question for someone here. A man is working as outdoor salesman. His manager has asked him to give 1 carton free, on the purchase of every 12 Cartons (1 Dozen)He is doing that. But sometimes, some small shops buy 6 cartons only. (He is supposed to give half a carton free for such a purchase) as a gift from the company.. More

  • Buying a car in US with Riba Date: 12-6-2000

    I would like to purchase a new Car. Here in America they don’t know what is meant by "baye Alajal." So please advise me as I am in dire need of a car, so I can make the living here? The only way is to get involved in APR which is interest and I can't afford to pay for it in cash; I have to make payments. .. More

  • Taking Mortgage to Purchase Property Date: 5-6-2000

    Is it correct in Islam to take a mortgage to purchase a property in this country, given that the Halal mortgages seem to be only for the rich Muslims. .. More

  • Took a usurious loan and doesn't have peace of mind Date: 5-6-2000

    I have taken a loan on which I am paying interest. The circumstances were and are such that I have to go for loans, due to which I don't have peace of mind. Show me the way to come out of this... More

  • Accepting payment of debt in money from haram sources Date: 29-5-2000

    Someone bought something from me but he did not pay . I learned later that all the money he has is Haram. How I get my Halal money from his Haram money?.. More

  • Repaying a debt with stolen clothes Date: 25-5-2000

    A person borrowed some money from me and refused to pay because he didn't have the money. Later, he brought some new clothes to me instead of my money. People who know him say that he stole them from shops. What should I do to get my money, if I`m sure that his money is haram? .. More

  • Working in Bank of England Date: 25-5-2000

    Is it permissible for a Muslim to work for a freemasonic bank, ie. The Bank of England? .. More

  • Eating food of aunt who works at a bank Date: 13-5-2000

    My aunt works in a bank. Is it permissible to eat her food?.. More

  • Selling pork Date: 9-5-2000

    Is it Haram to sell pork meat among other goods. I understand very well that eating pork is Haram. But I did not find any thing in Qur'an and Sunna about selling pork. I understand the making, producing, selling, carrying alcohol is Haram... More

  • Working around women in bathing suits, serving pork Date: 3-5-2000

    My husband and I are Muslims. He works in a restaurant, outside, on the beach. There are women all around in bathing suits, bikinis and such. He is working also with pork. Work is enough here. Is this work right or haram? To be honest I don't like it. Thank you. .. More

  • Repaying School Loan with Interest After Graduation Date: 25-4-2000

    I was careless about borrowing money for school with interest and knew that it is haram to do so but I was immature and not yet responsible. Right now I owe about 40,000 and I don't see how, on my current income, I will be able to pay even half of it. The interest on that loan was partially paid by the federal government and I will have to pay the principal,.. More

  • Using a credit card and paying Riba Date: 24-4-2000

    I have a Master Card (credit card) and the practice is to deduct every amount I use in three months (33% each month ). Is that halal or Haram (Riba)? .. More

  • Making Jewish hats Date: 15-4-2000

    Can I make the hat of Israelis for their religion? .. More