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  • Mother Wanted to Gift House to One of Her Daughters

    My mother wants to know if she can give me (her daughter) the house where we live as a Hiba (gift)? I am one of two daughters; my sister married last year and doesn't have a good relationship with our mother. I am studying and my mother wants me to have some security for my future. .. More

  • Opening an account in a bank in a Muslim country

    I want to open an account in a bank. In my Islamic country, there are two types of account, one gives you interest on your money per month (faeda) and the another without any (faeda). Can I open the first type and direct this interest to any Islamic cause, not as sadaqa or Zakah, as a gift? Or should I avoid this type of account and make only an account.. More

  • Bank Interest

    I want to ask you about bank interest: is it Haram or Halal?.. More

  • Offering small gift to research participants

    What is the ruling on asking many people to complete a questionnaire for a university research project, and informing them that everyone who volunteers will be entered in a draw for 1 small cash gift? What is the ruling on giving everyone who completes the questionnaire a token gift (e.g., pencil)?.. More

  • Buying a house or apartment through mortgage

    Living in Canada, is it halal to buy a house or apartment through mortgage?Jazakum Allah... More

  • Life and pension insurance

    What does Shariah say about pension planning with some insurance companies that compensate give you or your family if you face incident or even death and after certain period it will give you a pension like salary for life?.. More

  • Working in insurance and pension planning

    I am a Muslim computer engineer and mostly dealing with software and hardware for a few months I have been involved in a German insurance company. I am dealing with secondary pension planning which after 65 0r 60 years depending to men or women will provide you a pension yearly depending upon how much years before you started to save this money with.. More

  • Using Haram sources to pay for education

    I am a student of M.Sc computer science in USA. I am from Pakistan. I am facing financial difficulties in paying my tuition fees. If I don't pay my tuition fee I will have to go back without getting degree and all the money (savings of my parents) I use to pay tuition of first semester will be wasted. In this situation can I work at a place like gas.. More

  • Buying House on Riba- Loan to Leave Non-Muslim Country

    A brother is married and he has 6 children, he has just had a heart operation, he and his family live in a non-Muslim country. He wants to go back home but he does not own a house for his own family. He does not have enough money to buy the house, he has tried several ways to get the loan needed but at last nobody would give him the loan needed, so.. More

  • Inheritance of grandchildren

    Does Qur'an give the grandchildren the right to receive the inheritance from their grandfather for their dead mother? The grandfather died after his daughter. When they asked their right in their mother's heritage part in her father, they told them you have no right in it? I hope I expressed well the question. What should they do to get their right?.. More

  • Father Died Leaving Money Without Instructions

    My father left some money with me and died without telling me what to do with it. Can I donate it as charity (Sadaqa) for his soul? Can I donate it to some of his legal inheritors who are in real need or it should be shared by all the legal inheritors, given the fact that most of them are not in need to that amount of money and given the fact that if.. More

  • Investing money from fraud

    I work in the stock market. Someone wants to give me money to invest for him. I know some of his money is from credit card fraud, should I take the money to invest for him or not? .. More

  • Giving Business to Muslim Company or Christian One

    Is it better to give a Muslim company business or to a Christian? Please give an Islamic ruling. .. More

  • Muslim Designing Web Page for Christians

    I am a Muslim web page designer. I got an offer to build a web page for a Christian association, but is that Halal or Haram in my case, because I really need that money? .. More

  • Mixing Orphans' Money with Own Money in Business

    I manage money for orphans. I have started a business using their money and my money. The business has already started and I no longer have their money, but most of the money in the business is mine. Is this allowed? How should I handle this situation? Do I give them the full amount of interest? .. More