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  • Teaching that May Involve Praising False Religions or Dieties to Students

    Assalam Alaykum, I am a tuition teacher I have to teach subjects like Maths , English , Science , Social Science and Some Language Subjects Like Odia,Urdu ,Hindi and Sanskrit - Question Arises here is that some of the topics from language subjects contains shirk and kufr - Praising of Hindus false Deities and Some concepts that goes against Islam -.. More

  • Women Working as Programmers

    In the question that I asked about coding, I meant like python, ruby, java, what people study to work as a software developer for example. It is male dominated, but women are being encouraged to study it. Is it permissible for a woman who wants to work from home to study it? Would a she be imitating men? .. More

  • Management Accountant Tasks

    Is being a management accountant in a permissible business but which indulges in interest bearing borrowings permissible? Understand that recording of interest has a vast meaning. Examples include recording at the issuance stage, that is, when the loan is disbursed which is usually done by the lender. My question, however, is on posting those entries.. More

  • Using Other Website's Photos to Advertise What She Sells

    I want to open my online shop for selling clothes. I buy these clothes from online websites and use the photos provided by those online websites to display my products to my customers. is it halal to use those photos on my online shop? or I would be using others property ? (i do minor edits to the photos: blurring the hands and cutting the face and.. More

  • Wealth Earned While Wearing Haraam Products

    Asalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu, Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim, What is the ruling on wealth gained/earned while wearing/using haram products which earned through haram wealth before, maybe from working in a bank or maybe from stealing) ? (a) For example haram bag when being used in your activity, including when you are working, bringing.. More

  • Working in an Oil Company and Health Insurance Is Included in the Package

    Assalamu Alaikum dear scholars I work in the HR department of an oil company. Our company gives free health insurance to its employees as part of its benefits package. Our company has a contract with an insurance company and I have nothing to with this contract. Anways, our company gives free coverage meaning the employee does not have to contirbute.. More

  • Ruling on Providing Numbers of Institutions that Purely Deal in What Is Forbidden

    Salam Alaikum. My question relates to my work. I need a answer on this ASAP. I work as a Emergency operator in the UK and people can ring me for number for any company in the UK. Sometimes they ring for number for haram companies such as Alcohol companies or Chinese takeaways. Is it permissable for me to give these numbers? I would really appreciate.. More

  • Government Provides Conditioned Subsidy for Business

    asalakum alakumi am from non Islamic country . government is providing subsidy of 35% for unemployed youth to start up new business as financial assistance this amount has not pay to government back. total investment on business is 100 % out 35% is subsidy by govt and other remaining 65% is provided by banks on interest any unemployed youth who want.. More

  • Program Publisher for a Site Placing Ads on Mobile Application

    I joined Google Admob program as publisher . Where I place ads from Google Advertiser in my Mobile App. The Advertiser pays Google to spread their ads. For every ads clicked by user of my app, I as publisher receive 68% of the revenue, while Google as mediator receive 32%.What I seen in the internet, this kind of business is permissible if the bad ads.. More

  • Using Credit Cards in Non-Muslim Countries

    asalakum alakum i am from non Islamic country. i have credit card from non Islamic bank riba based bankif i will do shopping from this credit card bank does not charge me interest till period of 50 days means if i will pay in this time there is no interest after that period is over bank charges interest if payment is not made in full amount till grace.. More

  • No Harm in Downloading a Book for Personal Use

    Salam Alaikum,I love reading. I used to read fantasy literature but i am trying to let that go. Thing is i said to Allah after last book purchases i will not spend money on entertainment books again. Now, i also like history and i have found books online.The book is falcon of Quresh. I am worried about copyrights. The author is dead.Can i download this.. More

  • Binary Options Are Forbidden

    I invest some capital in my account ... Question: amount is deducted /added to my account immediately in the case,. on a binary trading options website (a broker website), one make a deposit, select. an investment amount and predict where the price (for example, the US dollar exchange rate) will go in a few minutes or hours. Unlike gambling, where everything.. More

  • A Salesman Wearing Niqaab to Show Customers

    Is it allowed for the salesman to wear saree, niqab etc (female dress) for display in front of customers? .. More

  • Designing Restaurant or Hotels that may Include Places for Alcohol

    Salam, I’m a student interior designer who’s doing a year long placement, I was wondering what is the ruling and permissibility on designing certain spaces such as: Places serving Alcohol: 1.I know bars are haram so would that make my work haram? I have not designed any nor will I I’m just curious. 2.what about places that alcohol may or may not.. More

  • Downloading a Book from Internet After Borrowing it From the Library

    I have a hard copy of academic book which i obtained from library . Can i download the same freely from internet for ease of reading and carrying only for a period of time when i can take book from library ? When i cannot take any books from library , i will delete. them . Will i be sinful in anyway circumstance? .. More