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  • Student in University Using Credit Cards

    Asalam alaykoum! my question is regarding using credit cards. Im a university student and goverment gives student benefit e.g. support money but the problem is in Australia their are no interest free banks, as far as I know. so basically the question is can I buy stuff e.g. clothes and food from this bank card cause the interest although very less might.. More

  • Prohibited to Work in What is Used in Prohibited Ways

    Asak may allah guide us all to oaradise without punishment.I have a business where we work woth builders kn installing security systems vacuum systems camera systems internet systems soeaker systems and provisions for tvs. Is it a haram business. Thank you very much .. More

  • Works in a Riba Bank: Quit Your Job

    Hello there,I need an answer for"What is the Islamic rule for a Muslim to work in the bank that deals with Interest, and my position in the bank is an IT Engineer in IT Department, my work nature is to help to secure the bank network and assist bank employees in technical side.I look forward to hearing from you a favorable response.Thank You. .. More

  • Earning Money by Posting Quran and Da’wah Videos on YouTube

    Dear Brothers and Sisters,Is making money while doing Dawwah by posting Quran and Dawwah on youtube haram? Thank you for your response. .. More

  • A Female Doctor Practicing In Ultrasound

    Asalam-o-AlaikumI have seen many videos (Youtube) and Q/A on your site explaining that a male doctor should see male and a female doctor should see female patients until there is no option available. If there is no female doctor then a female patient can go to a male doctor.My wife is a doctor and she is practicing as Sonologist (Ultrasound). Masha.. More

  • Working as a Controller in a Taxi Company

    Asalamu alaykum what is the ruling on working as a controller in a taxi company: accepting phone calls from the customers who are booking a taxi, then gathering the jobs that are booked for that day and handing them out to drivers and then keeping an eye on the drivers to make sure the customer gets to there destination on time which might mean taking.. More

  • Working As a Pilot

    I want to become pilot and I passed two of three pilot exams but I am very afraid that I will miss at least one prayer in my entire lifetime as a pilot. The job of a pilot is my dream but praying every prayer on time is more important. This stresses me alot. So my question is, is it allowed to pray all prayers sitting in a plane although the plane just.. More

  • Selling Unstitched Fabric to People Who May Wear Pants Below Ankles

    Assalamu alaykumI want to start unstitched fabric retailing store.But in place where i leave most people (almost all) wear their pants below the ankles.If i were to sell them unstitched fabric they will take it to a tailor and have it stitched long enough to hang below the ankles.Is it permissible to sell these people, unstitched fabric? .. More

  • Working In a Mixed environment and Distributing Medicine Including Alcohol

    1. After long search for a halal job he found a job in a warehouse for plants. But when he got there he saw that men and women worked in the same place. He got very disappointed because of that and worked there for only two days. Is it allowed for him to keep the money he earned there which was about 150 euro or does he have to give it as charity or.. More

  • Copying Copyrighted Materials and Abiding by the Law

    Assalamu'alaykum. It is said that we must obey the law of the country if it doesn't go against the Sharia. Then am I sinning if I do something against the law but is lawful in Islamic perspective? Regarding this, we also know that some scholars think that having copied copyrighted material for personal use is allowed. But the fact is, almost every country.. More

  • Fees Deducted When Using Other Banks’ ATMs

    Assalamu Alaykum. Plz ans me directly asap. I have an saving account in an Islamic bank. They gave me a visa debit card so that i may withdraw cash (of my savings) from their own ATM booths. But their booths are a few. But with this visa card i may also withdraw cash from the near ATM booths of other traditional banks, but in that case a fixed amount.. More

  • Changing Copyrighted Bookmark Designs and Reselling Them

    Assalamu alaikom, I bought some designs for uncolored bookmarks that I am free to print any number of copies of and use personally, as long as i dont resell those printed copies for profit. However, if i color and decorate those copies, meaning that i would change those designs with my own effort and ideas, can I sell them and charge money for the effort.. More

  • Salary of Hostess Is Forbidden

    What about ruling on income of an airhostess,Can it be acceptable in the path of ALLAH.I mean that Can she pay zakat or do udhiyyah or do umrah,hajj with such an income because her job violates principles of Islam and the Hadeeth in which the Prophet (blessings and peace of ALLAH be upon him) said: “O people, ALLAH is Good and He, therefore, accepts.. More

  • Used Copyrighted Materials and Stole Things in the Past

    Asalamu Aleikom! The category I am going to ask about has to do with Copyright. I have been using copyrighted content, pictures and material. Some for personal use and other in public such as profile pictures and copying texts etc and posting it. Some of it was hadiths and content from muslim apps and websites but some of it was non islamic . All of.. More