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  • Giving Taxes in a Non-Muslim Country

    I am from India and willing to start a business, I want to know about the giving taxes in a non muslim country where the government also uses it to construct temples, wastes it on extravagance, corruption, idle leisure and other haraam things. Variety of Taxes are imposed such as goods and service tax(0-28% on invoice value), income tax up to 25% on.. More

  • Buying Cracked Courses With Copyrights

    Salam AlaykoumI want to ask you please what the ruling of Islam for someone who buy cracked courses online. These courses are so expensive sometimes and of course protected by copyrights by their owners.But there is a website who crack them and sell them. I know selling cracked or pirated courses including videos,PDFs,eBooks or whatever is Haram and.. More

  • Commission for Working as a Job Recruiter

    Assalamualaikum,I want to know if my job is halal. I am a recruiter. My job is to find candidates looking for a job/change and qualify them, and then find a client who is hiring people and to connect the two. Sometimes I find currently employed individuals and try to get them to change jobs, or seeing if they're interested in changing a job by offering.. More

  • Islwmweb material is copyrighted

    As-salamualikum wa rahmatullah. May Allah reward you for your good deeds. Are the multimedia files on copyright protected? What am i allowed to do with these files? .. More

  • Living in a House Purchased With Ill-Gotten Money

    Assalamu alaykum my father buyed our house with ill gotten wealth but he not all of it. He mixed halal money with this ill gotten money and buyed this house so does this still Make it haram for us.the ill gotten money amount was less or equal. Please reply soon jazakallah khairan .. More

  • CFD and Stock Exchange Trading

    Asalamu'alaikum,Dear Brother,I have a question regarding online some online trading I have been doing. I have an account with "212 Trading". I have been doing CFD trading with gold, where I use analysis of the market, to decide whether or not to buy or sell. If for example, the price of gold is $1300, and I believe the price is going up, I can buy at.. More

  • Binary Options Contracts

    Assalamu alaikum.. I am Ameer. I read the the fatwa No.237190. I am trading binary options from IQ options. I have contacted their customer support to ask whether the binary options (1 min trading) involves interest or any commissions, and they said there is no stuff like that involves with binary option (1 min trading) and specially with islamic account..I.. More

  • Working As a Tax Advisor

    salam. i want to be a tax adviser. if i lighten/minimize government imposed haram tax using trickery,concealment,etc or if i minimize halal tax in a legal manner, can i charge my client (for whom i minimized tax) a percentage of the amount i have reduced? for example, if i reduce 1,00,000 tk, i charge the client 25%? .. More

  • Travel Ticket through an Insurance Company

    Assalamwalaikum, My company has provided medical insurance as part of the benefits under my employment contract. Recently, my mother passed away and i had to travel on emergency to my home country from Qatar. I have been informed that the medical insurance covers expenses for travel (tickets) to home country during emergency. My question is whether.. More

  • Not Abiding by the Contract’s Conditions

    Assalamu ‘Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu. Could you let me know what is the Islamic guideline on the balance between forgiveness and justice in a Business context, please?I work at a for-profit organization. Suppliers and business partners sometimes do not meet their commitment(for example do not deliver on agreed timelines), even when the.. More

  • Benefiting from prohibited Earnings

    Assalam-Aleykoom, I'm currently working at QNB (a non-islamic bank) and I found a way to switch away from working there. The job I am planning to switch to is inshalla halal, but the problem is to start up this new work I need to buy equipment, but the money that will be spent on it will come from the money I made at QNB. I fear the money I made from.. More

  • Working as a Tax Consultant

    salam. can i work as a tax consultant for people who have haram/mixed income? if so, shall i reduce their tax if the tax is of prohibited type? .. More

  • Issues about Printing and Dealing with Banknotes, and Forex Trading

    Is Paper Currency formed by haram means: For running the budget of the country, Treasury gets money by issuing bonds to financial institutions eg: investment banks etc. and those bonds are paid earlier by the country's central bank on low interest rates by means of a cheaque issued without having balance in the account of the central bank but rather.. More

  • Advertising Forbidden Jobs

    assalamu alaikkum creating a jobs website is allowed or not? if someone post a job vacancy of bank that dealing with riba or someone post a job but not mention the company.i am the owner of the website these happens from my website so is it sin for me?(what types of jobs not allowed in foreign jobs?) .. More

  • It is Impermissible to Supply Pubs with Permissible Items

    I run a laundry service for restaurants and hotels. We supply them with table napkins, table cloths, chefs wear, bed linen, towels and so forth. My question is this:Am I able to supply a pub? The reason I ask this is that I view a restaurant as a place to primarily eat in. Even though they sell alcohol I see this as being secondary to their main purpose... More