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  • How can a person who fell short in his work make amends?

    If one neglects his work, but still gets paid for it, can he double the amount of his work in the next month to make it up in effort and work to compensate, would his past gains be halal for him ? .. More

  • Rulings related to marketing

    السلام عل??م ورحمت الله وبر?اتI'm Ahmad Bashir from Afghanistan. I am learning Amazon FBA course and after that I want to become a virtual assistant as FBA seller, so if I deal with a investor on, I will manage the selling and do the business, and they provide the asset for business and seller account. And any profit from selling.. More

  • Earning money by solving exams of others or doing their assignments

    If we earn money by solving exams of others or doing assignment of others then the money we earn by this is halal or haram? .. More

  • Ruling on implementing taxes

    I always hear about the zakat tax which is ordained by Allah while other taxations are haram except for the Jizya, but if the zakat is only 2.5 percent annually, how will it be enough for the expenditures of a government or the welfare of people, historically it has not been enough as people had to implement more taxes, so how would a government get.. More

  • The ruling on clicking 'accept' on terms or something similar to them

    Assalamualaikum, I’m wondering what is the ruling on clicking “accept” or something similar to the terms .. More

  • Construction Projects Managers Asking for Commission

    Dear Sir,In Construction projects, most of Procurement officers/Managers are non-Muslims and at the time project contract finalization and negotiations they ask commission of 5% -10% (depending on project nature), sometimes they ask fix amount like 5,000-50,000. If you don't give them commission you they are not considering for projects. Please advise.. More

  • Logo Designer Designing Brands that May Sell Haram Products

    As a logo designer, is it permissible to work with brands that sell minor haram products if the majority of their products are halal? For instance, a jewelry brand is generally halal but sells some designs featuring Christian symbols or images of animals. Is it halal for me to work with these types of brands? .. More

  • Misusing Company’s Money

    Assalamualaikum warahmatullah please I'm confused about something that is bothering me I work with a real estate and construction company so I was at work and the architect in charge bought 8 bags of cement and told the boss he bought 10 bags and collected the money so he paid for 8 and held on to the change and gave me some of it am I sinful for collecting.. More

  • New Muslim Woman Has Business of Selling Geckos and Breeding and Selling Cats

    al salam aalykom .. i new muslim women from ukraine . i have 2 small business from home . first is breeding and sell leopard geckos . is kind of lizard people buy here because have different colors and he not danger and easy to keep . seconde is breed and sell cats .. please i need know is Halal to have this 2 business or not . thank you .. More

  • Wants to Violate and Pirate Shows of a Slow Service

    Regarding the issue of piracy, recently I have subsribed to a service offering some shows legally, however the service itself is slower than pirate sites, uses more internet, and is not optimal, would it be permitted for me to pirate the same shows that this service provides as long as I'm paying for the service itself. .. More

  • Wants to Lie in Order to Work from Home to Avoid Mixing with Men

    Assalam Alaikoum I am a young woman, about to get married Inchaa Allah. I work for a foreign company, at first we used to work from home, and then they decided to open an office in my town. I do not like working from the office and prefer working from home to avoid mixing with men (we have an open space) The company will not approve my request to shift.. More

  • Is it permissible to earn money from Google Adsense?

    Assalamu Alaykum, Google AdSense provides a way for publishers to earn money from their online content. AdSense works by matching ads to your site based on your content and visitors. The ads are created and paid for by advertisers who want to promote their products. Is it halal to earn money from Google Adsense?. Jazakumullah. .. More

  • Kinds of taxes

    I am currently working 10 hours per week and I want to increase this to 15 InshAllah. I and my employer have an agreement to keep these 5 additional hours secret and he would pay me in cash to avoid taxes. Is this allowed and can you consume the wealth of someone who does so? .. More

  • His parents work at a liquor store, what should he do?

    My question is what should I do if my family work at a liquor store? My dad and older brother both work at a liquor store and look like they’ll never stop. I never worked there nor have I ever wanted to and I know it’s haram. That’s why I tried so hard to get a degree and be able to find a job to take care of myself. Now my problem are two things... More

  • Ruling on the Salary of a Women Therapist who Treats Male Patients

    If a women is a therapist and she treats male clients in one to one sessions would her income through this be haram? I understand that this is consideredunacceptable but my question is particularly concerned with whether the income itself is haram? Thank you. .. More