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  • Working in a Company that Engages in Usurious Transactions

    Asalamu alykum, May Allah reward you immensely for your work. Currently I am working in an export firm, which discounts every of it export bills for payment to supplier and employees, further it avails all the export refinance scheme from SBP and also invests in Treasury bills and term depsits. I am managing finance of the company.please advise regarding.. More

  • Ruling on Online Jobs for Muslim Women

    Can a woman do halal online jobs where she needs to communicate with male colleagues/clients via texting or audio calling? And can she attend a video meeting while wearing hijab and also covering her face? She only talks with them about professional things and no fear of Fitna or chit-chatting. Is it permissible? .. More

  • Touching a Mobile Phone that has a Quran Application

    I’ve read online and to my understanding, one doesn’t need to perform Wudu to use a phone with a Qur’an application on its screen. Is this correct? What about if the screen has a visible impurity on it, like blood, or one transferred impurity through wetness to the screen, is having the application open permissible if this isn’t done in a disrespectfu.. More

  • Paying Back Stolen Items

    If I stole something from someone and told them about it and they forgave me for it and told me I do not have to repay them, do I still have to return something of equal value to them (if I no longer have the exact item stolen) ? .. More

  • The Ruling on Earning by Watching Advertisements

    Salam.Is it permissable to earn money by watching ads. There is an app which gives you points if you watch ads. Later on you can exchange the points for paypal gift cards etc. The ads have music in it. Is it permissable to earn money if i turn my device volume to zero and then watch the ads?Please don't refer me to other fatwas.Thank you .. More

  • The Ruling on Storing and Shelving Lawful Items

    Asc to whoever is answering this question.I am an 18 year old male living in America. I want to get this job at a local store near me but I don't know if its halal or not. I would be a floor/shelf stocker, putting makeup, vitamins, and bodycare products (like shampoo or soap) on the shelves to be sold. I'm asking if it would it be haram for me to work.. More

  • Ruling on Compensation on Lawful and Unlawful Substances and Benefits

    Assalamu Alaikum, Is it halal to earn money from CPA marketing? CPA marketing, also known as cost per action marketing, is a style of the affiliate marketing model that offers a commission to the affiliate when a specific action is completed. The lead action can be anything from making a purchase to getting a quote, watching a video, or filling out.. More

  • Working in Corona Test Stations

    Salamu 3allaikum,I live in Germany and i go currently to the university. I am searching a job in which i can work a few hours a week. I found a few Corona Test Stations which are looking for workers. Is it permissable to do such a work bearing in mind that i would have also to test women. .. More

  • The Suitor is not Entitled to Ask his Fiancée about her Past

    Assalamualaikum, One of my friend is about to get married, she and her fiance is connected through WhatsApp and they are trying to know each other. One day her fiance asked her whether she's having an ex and she's Virgin or not? Even he's telling her to swear on Allah and to tell him that she's virgin. Now the problem is if she cannot tell him the truth.. More

  • Insurance on Things Sent by Mail

    Cover included in postage cost – is it permissible?Assalamu Alaikum, my question is regarding compensation included in postage services, are these permissible. For example it cost £1 to deliver an item that is size of a large letter, in this cost there is £20 cover for loss or damage, it is not separate; the cover is either free from the company.. More

  • Working for a Government Agency whose Wages are Paid from Taxes

    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته I live in the United States, and my question is regarding working for a government agency (not involved in the military). The reason I ask is because I've read that taxes imposed by the state are impermissible in many cases, and so by extension, would working for a government agency as a civil.. More

  • Working as a Tax Adviser for Someone whose Income is Haram or Mixed

    salam. can i work as a tax adviser for someone whose income is haram or mixed (contains both halal and haram)? this work involves advising them and helping them reduce their taxes. i read in your fatwas that its halal to escape taxes when government impose them unjustly. .. More

  • Works in a School and Has to Choose Health Insurance

    As Salamu Alaikumi work in a school where we are given chance to select. type of health insurance you want for your self base on your capacity, the amount is deducted from my salary every month, my school is not paying anything for me, i was the one who chose the hospital by my self, please, is this system of accessing health allowed in Islam, more.. More

  • Used Contents from Different Websites to Sell Cookbooks

    I used contents from different websites to sell cookbooks on the ground that recipes can not be copyrighted. I got to know what I'm doing is bad after seeing the Islamic ruling because I don't give credits on the content used.I've repented from it and the books in question will be corrected.Is it a must I give what I earned out knowing it may be difficult.. More

  • Senile Mother Receives Pension and Issue of Inheritance of Her Deceased Husband

    Assalamualaikum,What are the rulings on managing a parent's wealth for their welfare and well-being? Our mother is a widow of 10 years and is becoming frail in health, mind, and spirit. She still receives a little monthly pension from our late father's office that she uses for her needs, e.g. groceries, bills, etc. Alhamdulillah, her children are self-suffici.. More